These are bugs that prevent JSPWiki from running in certain configurations, cause crashes, and in general, all HTTP 500 messages. See BugCriticality for more information.

Bug ACL Commands Being Ignored
Bug Add Attachment Fails With Container Authentication
Bug After Deployinh In Server Realtime
Bug Arbitrary HTML Markup In Heading Is Rendered By Table Of Content Plugin
Bug Attachement Not Getting Opened Throws HTTP Status 404 Error
Bug Attachements Not Reflecting On The Page Its Been Attached.
Bug Attachment Exceptions
Bug Attachment With Hash Cannot Be Viewed
Bug Attachments No Longer Resolving After Changing To Extension Based UR Ls
Bug Attachments No Longer Showing Up
Bug Authorization To Edit
Bug Bad Default Config
Bug Binary Attachment Download Fails With IE 6.0 When Container Managed Authentication Is Activated.
Bug Cannot Update Reffer Links After Rename
Bug Chinese Or Japanese Titled Page Cannot Be Displayed Or Edited
Bug Class Cast Exception When Log Out
Bug Closing Table Header Cell Code Th Generated Incorrectly When All Cells Not Th
Bug Commonheader.jsp In Web Sphere JSPG 0055 E Unable To Create An Xml Attribute From Name Skins Value Skin Name
Bug Commonheader.jsp This Attribute Is Not Recognized.Error Message Web Logic
Bug Container Authentication Problems
Bug Create Group Gives Nullpointer Exception
Bug Criticality
Bug Edit Group.jsp Should Allow Character In Member List When Using NTLM
Bug Error When Deploying Under Geronimo 1.2 beta Or Geronimo 2.0 M 5 With JDK 5.0 Under OSX
Bug Exceeded Stated Content Length Excpetion Under Weblogic
Bug Failed To Start Managers No Provider Class
Bug First Save Fails
Bug Form Failed On Submission
Bug Forms Are Not Using Proper Names
Bug HTML Tags Translated In The Code Between Code Tags
Bug I Can T Use Editor Wiki Wizard
Bug I Planet HTTP Session Incompatibility
Bug Init Reference Manager Running Long With JDBC Page Provider
Bug Installation Does Not Set Up Permissions
Bug JSP Wiki Asserted Name Cookie Set To Null
Bug JSP Wiki Does Not Work With Jetty 5.1.7
Bug JSP Wiki Initializing Itself Twice On Startup Two Lucene Indexer Threads Started
Bug Parsing Problem
Bug Jspwiki.policy Ignored When Using Security Manager
Bug Jspwiki Fails With Security Manager In Container
Bug Lock Not Working
Bug Login And Register Not Possible
Bug Login Error When Using CMS
Bug Lucene Does Not Update Changed Pages
Bug Lucene Locking Up
Bug Lucene Search Provider Not Read Jspwiki.lucene.analyzer From Configuration
Bug Messing Chinese Wiki Page Name
Bug New Group Null Pointer Exception
Bug No Page History After Migrating From File System Provider To Versioning File Provider
Bug Null Pointer Exception In J Boss 4.0.2
Bug Null Pointer Exception When No Main Page
Bug Null Pointer Exception While Attaching File In Un
Bug Old Indentation Mechanism Of 2.2.x Does Not Work Anymore Semi Colon Colon Sequence
Bug Page Permission.has Access Redirect To Login.jsp Problem Endless Loop
Bug Page Permissions Changing Randomly
Bug Page Permissions Disregarded By Search
Bug Plugin Tag Not Writing Output
Bug Problems With Accents When Creating Wiki Names
Bug Problems With Deleting Of Pages As Admin
Bug Profile Page Is Blank When Adding A New User
Bug Reference To Renamed Page Not Cleared
Bug Referring Pages Plugin Fails After Upgrade
Bug Rename Fails To Update Reference Manager Data
Bug Search Fails On Pages With UTF 8 Cyrilic
Bug Search Page Results Do Not Link Properly To Page With Spaces In Name
Bug Search Results Incomplete
Bug Short URL Constructor Mode Does Not Work
Bug Short View URL Constructor And Short URL Constructor Problems
Bug Simple Chinese Dsplay Bug
Bug Space In Attachment Names
Bug Special Page Feature Shows Errorpage
Bug Table Of Contents Causes Heapdump
Bug Table Of Contents Doesn T Work With Page Not In Ascii
Bug Template JSP Not Found On V 2.4.30
Bug Timing Error In Versioning File Provider.get Page Provider String
Bug Unable To Add Profile To JSP Wiki Site
Bug Unable To Do Custom Authentication Outside The Jspwiki.jar File
Bug Unused Pages Plugin Doesn T Work With Multiple Wiki Recipe
Bug Updated Default Template Editor Unusable Under IE 6/Windows(info)
Bug Upload Attachment Popup Stays Blank With Non Default Template
Bug User Preferences Can T Displayed Correctly With Chinese
Bug User Profile Not Getting Loaded At Login
Bug User Roles Reset After Server Restart 2
Bug Users Prematurely Logged Out At Random
Bug Weblog Plugin Does Not Consider ACL
Bug Wiki Pages Not Being Indexed On Save

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