This is a list of bugs that are of medium quality, i.e. bugs that are annoying, disable some functionality, but do have a functional workaround until a fix can be issued.

Bug ACL Not Updating
Bug AJAXUTF 8 Search Fail
Bug Absent Cookie
Bug Accented Characters Converted Badly
Bug Add Comment Throws Exception Reliably
Bug Ampersand Encoded Incorrectly In Page Info RSS Feed
Bug Anonymous View Denied
Bug Attach File From Page Actions Not Available With Group Edit ACL Applied To Page
Bug Attachment And Info Tabs Are Blank
Bug Attachment Deletion Leaves Reference Manager In A Bad State
Bug Attachment Upload Add New Attachment Does Not Show Unless You Are An Admin
Bug Attachment Url Not Compatable With Relative Links
Bug Attachments Not Displaying Unless User Logged In As Admin
Bug Authentication Improperly Allowed On Windows XP
Bug Automatic Logout
Bug Bad Code Signer Error For Weblog Category Plugin Under 2.3.95
Bug Breadcrumb Tag Wont Compile With JDK 1.6
Bug Can Keep Pressing Next 20 Results On Result Search Page
Bug Cannot Set Up A User Profile At
Bug Cannot Upload Attachment
Bug Cannot Use Wiki Variables Inside Wiki Links
Bug Changing Template Results In Blank Pages
Bug Class Org.wikiwizard.Flash Splash Not Found
Bug Clobbered UTF 8 In Wiki Body
Bug Collapsebox Css Style Does Not Support Closed Option
Bug Commented Properties
Bug Copied Pages Do Not Index Unless Edited
Bug Couldnt Upload New Attachment For A Page Which Be Named Using Chinese
Bug Criticality
Bug Cssinclude.js Fails In IE Because It Includes Ascript Tag
Bug Default Template Violates JSP Specification
Bug Delete Fails On Some Attachments
Bug Deleting Pages Does Not Affect Recent Changes
Bug Disabling Use Page Cache Does Not Show Page Content
Bug Do You Have Release Notes Whats Changed Between 2.1 And 2.2 for Example
Bug Downloading Attachments Doesnt Work When Using Apache With Mod_jk
Bug Elipsis In Page Name Fail To Save
Bug Error Syntax Error In Www.jspwiki.orgscriptsccsinclude.js
Bug Expired Signing Certificate
Bug External Links Using Jar Protocol Cannot Be Created
Bug FCK And Allow HTML
Bug Fail To Attach A File To A Page With Multibyte Page Name
Bug File Upload Issue
Bug Firefox Does Not Like Escaped Char In URL
Bug First Character After End Of Table Gets Eaten
Bug Frequent Session Expiration
Bug Groovy Plugin Does Not Work
Bug HTML Table Code Generation Incorrect Placement Of Closing Tag Th Tag.
Bug How To Connect Mysql To Jspwiki Tool
Bug Html Char Entities Mishandled In Preview
Bug Image Plugin Creates Invalid XHTML
Bug Including Failed Got A Servlet Exception From Sub Page
Bug Initializable Plugin Not Initialized
Bug Inline Image Recognition Fails With Inter Wiki Links
Bug Inline Images As Inter Wiki Links Dont Inline
Bug Inline Usage Of Three Brace Escaping Broken
Bug Install.jsp Deletes Password If New Password Is Left Empty And Displays
Bug Install.jsp Does Not Handle Windows Paths Well
Bug Install.jsp Throws Not Found Exception
Bug Invalid Apostrophe HTML Entity Reference
Bug JVM Segfault At Random Intervals
Bug Java Not Shutting Down Properly When Restarting Tomcat
Bug Jboss Portal Jspwiki Integration Authentication Not Working
Bug Live Thread With Infinite Loop Keeps Tomcat From Closing Gracefully.
Bug Login And Register Jsps And Short Url Constructor
Bug Lost Change Events On Wiki
Bug Missing Extended Characters In Pagename And When Searching
Bug Multi Wiki Creates RSS File In Wrong Place
Bug NPE During Rename
Bug NPE On Verify Policy And Container Roles
Bug No Acess
Bug Not Working On Linux Konquerer
Bug Null Pointer Exception In Filter Event For New Install
Bug Null Pointer Exception Thrown When Any Page Is Accessed
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Inserting Images Without Align Attribute
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Renaming Page
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Saving The User Profile JDBC
Bug Optimize File Util.copy Contents
Bug Page Date Tag Does Not Accept Parameters
Bug Page Level Auth Broken
Bug Permissions Ignored
Bug Permissions In 2.2.33 Can Be Fixed Easily
Bug Permissions Lost When JSP Wiki Work Directory Is Specified
Bug Preformatted Text With Html Doesn T Work If Allow HTML True
Bug Problems With German Umlaute
Bug RSS Sends Local Link Only
Bug Reading Of Variable Not Working For Older Versions
Bug Recent Changes Plugin Renders Incorrect HREF Attribute
Bug Refered Pages Plugin Does Not Recognize Links In Table Construct
Bug Referring Pages Plugin Points To Non Existing Pages
Bug Rename Does Double Encoding
Bug Search Always Throws NPE
Bug Search Cannot Find Terms With Underscores
Bug Search Doesnt Work With Traditional Chinese Since Version 2.1
Bug Search Fails On Pages With UTF 8
Bug Search Search Cannot Find Keywords From The Latest Changes
Bug Serialization Error
Bug Short URL Constructor Does Not Work With Relative Inter Wiki Links
Bug Short View URL And Https Incompatible
Bug Slash In Wiki Link Makes Jspwiki Think It Is An Attachment
Bug Spam Filter Not Returning Cause Of Rejection
Bug Style Double Percent Problem
Bug Text Util.parse Int Parameter Fails In Case Of Trailing Banks
Bug This Template Uses Wiki Content In An Unsupported Context Del
Bug Title Is Error If Title Is Chinese
Bug UTF 8 Search Fail
Bug Undefined Pages Plugin Still Includes Links To Existing Attachments
Bug Uploadupdate Attachments From IE 6.0 Browser Does Not Work
Bug Using SSL With Microsoft Internet Explorer V 6 Spoils Preview Function
Bug Warning Message Not Displayed In Case Multiple Users Edit The Same Wiki Page
Bug Wiki Engine Accesses RDF Files Inconsistently
Bug Wiki Wizard Actions Fired As Side Effect Of Typing Polish National Characters.
Bug Wiki Wizard Table Right Click Fails After Java V 6 Update 1 Installed
Bug Works In Windows.When Deployed In Sunsolaris And Access Gets Error

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