AF-Wiki (we are online now!!!) #

Dear JSPWiki community,

My Name is Christoph Trattner. I am a PHD student from the Technical University of Graz ( the second biggest city from a small country called Austria :-)

At the moment we are developing a wiki system called Austria-Lexikon which can be (at the bottom line) seen as a further development of JSPWiki (version 2.8.1/2 and jscript from 3.0 trunk).

As I am a big fan of this wiki I wanted to share with you, that we are nearly almost done with our enhancements and going to release the system officially on 9th of October at a press conference in Vienna.

Here the feature list:

  • AL (Austria-Lexikon) fully supports creation and handling sub pages (sub sub pages, sub sub sub pages, etc...) at system lvl.
  • AL has lot's of new build-in plug-ins for displaying categories like a bloggingplugin, glossarypluging, tabbedglossaryplugin, categoryindexplugin, etc.
  • AL supports hierarchical Unused and Undefined Pages support
  • AL has a build-in page-renamer module and filter-module which can move wholecategories AND syncs with ANY plug-in resources now (also updating tag-database/search-engine/ref-manager/cache). Thus if you move a page called "test/test/test" for instance to "test2/test" and ANY plug-in point to that resource "test/test/test" (e.g. [{Image src="test/test/test"}] ) will be updates to "test2/test"
  • All File-Providers and interfaces were updated to support easy category handling
  • AL is fully cached (caching page provider nearly rewritten)
  • AL supports sever side image resizing and thumb generation (built-in). Thus images can be uploaded in full quality and can be scaled online. Attach-Provider generates thumbs on the fly (also deletes unused ones) Developed bunch of image gallery plug-ins.
  • AL supports hierarchical Image Preview (note the "vorschau" tab)
  • AL supports hierarchical search as well as tag based search (lucene search provider nearly rewritten)
  • AL integrates a structured tagging system to support better search and information retrieval (full search provider integration)
  • AL extends Slimbox to handle inline content
  • AL defines a new style called coolborder
  • AL supports automated creation of closed user websites
  • AL extends plain editor to enable high lightening within the editors textarea (very cool :))
  • File upload is also integrated within the editor now. Files are automatically displayed within the editor.
  • Fully integrated book marking and content creation system (not done yet)
  • Many new plug-in and filters
  • Many bug fixes during development of this system
  • etc.

I hope you will take a look at and tell me how you like the Austrian version of the JSPWiki system :)

As this wiki will be officially presented to the public on October the 9th as the biggest "free" wikibased encyclopaedia system we have here in Austria, it would be very nice if you could give me some feedback.

Of course I am going to share my source with you as soon as we have an official release

However...I hope you like it :)

Best Regards,

Christoph Trattner

Ps.: The wiki is still under heavy development, so please don't mind if our site is down for deploying new features.
PPs.: I hope you don't mind if I take this site as a placeholde to post code and answer questions .


It looks very nice. Is it possible to get more informations about your changes?

Nice greetings from Linz :)

--Harald, 22-May-2010 00:29

You can check out our actual code from our SVN @ TUGraz. Please send me an email ctrattner (at) 4 access. Best Regards, Christoph

--AnonymousCoward, 22-Nov-2010 13:32

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