This is a base class for all plugins using referral things. As such it is not capable of being invoked directly, but all plugins that extend this plugin inherit its parameters and their functionality.

The direct known subclasses include ReferringPagesPlugin, UndefinedPagesPlugin, and UnusedPagesPlugin.


All parameters are optional:

  • include='pattern' : a specification of wiki pages to include. See the note below on pattern syntax.
  • exclude='pattern' : a specification of wiki pages to exclude. See the note below on pattern syntax.
  • maxwidth='n' : maximum width of generated links.
  • separator='c' : separator between generated links (wikitext).
  • before='string' : output the content of this parameter before the link.
  • after='string' : output the content of this parameter after the link.

Pattern Syntax#

For include and exclude you can list page names (separated by commas or whitespace) and/or supply a pattern (using a regular expression syntax) in the exclude parameter to filter out the pages you don't want, or in the include parameter to include those you do. Absent either the entire wiki is queried.


There are no examples of this abstract plugin since it cannot be invoked directly.

JSPWikiCorePlugins (not strictly speaking, but true behind the scenes)

It would be nice to add some sort of offset option. I don't know java, but in python, you could do things like

str = 'daisychain'
str[:5] -> 'daisy'
str[5:] -> 'chain'
str[-3:] -> 'ain'
str[:-3] -> 'daisych'
I'm sure there are a slew of string operations one can imagine, but this appears to be the simplest.

Thanks, -Dave

--AnonymousCoward, 08-Jan-2008

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