This plugin was distributed previously as part of the McKessonApsWikiPlugins package, now as part of the CeryleWikiPlugins. This documentation is updated for the new version as appropriate.

Combine the QueryPlugin and InsertPage plugin to generate "aggregates" of the selected pages. This could be used to auto-generate glossaries, dictionaries, and summaries of all sorts.

Look at ContributedPlugins page, see how the list of plugins and the descriptions are manually maintained? That could be generated automatically.


  • maxpages= Optional Limit the number of pages that are emitted in the aggregated output.
  • backto= Optional If non-blank, after each aggregated item a 'Back' link will be emitted. Leverages the fact that !headings generate named anchors on pages.
  • order= Optional, One of alpha, reverseAlpha, ascendingModification, decendingModification The aggregated pages are by default sorted in alphabetical order.
  • index= Optional An index of the aggregated pages can optionally be generated. One of 'none', 'list', or 'delim'. Default is 'none'. 'list' generates a simple vertical list, 'delim' generates a comma delimited index.
  • separator= Optional Should a <HR /> separator be generated after each aggregated page. true | false, default is false.
  • section= Optional Passed to a InsertPage instance, what section of the page should be aggregated.
  • maxlen= Optional Passed to a InsertPage instance, limits the lenght of the inserted data.
  • bodyclass= Optional, Passed to a InsertPage instance as it's class= parameter. Defaults to aggregatedPageBody.

Psuedo output#


CSS styles#

  • aggregationIndex Surrounds the optionally generated index.
  • aggregation Surrounds all of the aggregated pages.
  • aggregatedPage
  • aggregatedPageName Surrounds each page's title
  • aggregatedPageBody Surrounds the insertion of page data.
  • aggregatedBackTo Surrounds the back to link that follows each pages body.
  • aggregatedSeparator Surrounds the separator that

Example usages...#

Most simply:
The following pages link to this one.  

Most complex:

The bogus systems open bugs are summarized here for your reading pleasure.
!Open Bug List Summary
[{Aggregate pages='TO [Bugs] AND NOT [Closed]' maxpages=100 backto='Open Bug List Summary'
order='decendingModified' index='true' separator='true' section=1}] 


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