FrancoisParlant -- I wish to aggrergate all pages of a category as in MovablaType. 

... allows the creation of a "more..." link.

*__Start__: parameter of the first page displayed.
*__Last__: parameter of the last page displayed.
*__Menu__: creation of the __start__ , __previous__ , __next__ and __last__ links. (such a menu should be displayed at the __top__ and at the __bottom__ of the page - DIV class= aggregatorMenuTop and aggregatorMenuBottom: so it can be erased by just a css diplay none)

Ummm, Since I'm implementing the AggregatePlugin, I'm sorta doing what makes sense to me.  I took most of your suggestions as they made sense to me, but the {{Start, Last and Menu}} bits above don't "click" for me.  --JohnV

;:Hey I have to touch the AggregatePlugin, if you can explain what you meant by these 3 parameters I might be able to implement them. --JohnV


New canidate parameters:
* {{tableColumns=#}}, defaults to 1, i.e not tabular output. (existing behaviour)
* {{tableDirection=across|down}} aggregated output in a table follows the sort order, but does it go across the table rowwise or down the columns.  If {{tableColumns}} is 1 or ommited, this has no effect.

Don't ask why, we just need this output option. <sigh/> Now I might have to get that PDF output option working. --JohnV


The {{decendingModification}} should be spelled {{descendingModification}}. -- ErikAlm


Any one with any basic ideas why the AggregatePlugin should be returning a "Plugin insertion failed: Plugin failed" error, and 

	at org.ceryle.wiki.plugin.query.QueryExecutor.getResultSet(QueryExecutor.java:77) (ad infinitum ) 

in the log ?

--ChrisR, 16-Jan-2007


I haven't looked at the AggregatePlugin much at all since I took over the code
from JohnV, but I'll take a look at it tonight to see if I can tell what's 
going on. You might also consider joining the [mailing list|JSPWikiMailingList]
since I only by chance saw your message here...
;:Yeah, I noticed this myself a few months back and patched it; it was actually side-effect of a slimey hack in the QueryPlugin (part of the error detection and flagging of a bad query string).  I'll send along the source to you directly. --JohnV (yes I still lurk here, rarely)

-- MurrayAltheim, 17 January 2007


Thanks Murray - 

--AnonymousCoward, 17-Jan-2007


I've got also a problem with the AggregatePlugin. In logs I see something like 'java.lang.StackOverflowError
        at org.ceryle.wiki.plugin.query.QueryExecutor.getResultSet(QueryExecutor.java:77)'

Could anyone tell me what kind of patch to the query-plugin ist necessary in order to repai this?

--AnonymousCoward, 24-Jan-2007