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Well, it would probably be something quite close to an extended WeblogPlugin... Not necessarily a bad idea at all.


Yeah it does have a bit of the flavor of the WeblogPlugin, but more general, for different purposes, and without the date/time aspect. I know "wiki is not a dictionary" (attributed to Ward Cunningham?) but for many kinds of projects, a glossary/dictionary is needed!

Side note
I've often wished for a way to "connect" javadocs to a wiki, and have edits on the wiki somehow back-propagate into the javadocs somehow... That dictionary/glossary phrase triggered this side-note...

Anyway, I've been reading Domain Driven Design ISBN:0-321-12521-5 and it introduces the concept of a Ubiquitous Language. I think that a dictionary of language terms in a wiki, connected to javadocs, would be a very nice combination to aid in establishing and fostering an Ubiquitous Language. By the way that book is a "new classic", right up there with "Refactoring" and "Design Patterns".

I worked on a project once where almost all documentation was wiki. Requirements, specifictions, design documents, test-plans, all of it. It was wonderful. The wiki used was UseMod, and we had a perl hacker who could slice and dice it ten ways from sunday. Alas that was years ago and I've not had a project since where the whole team embraced wiki. It only takes one reluctant user to derail the whole adoption. I think I'm taken with developing plugins for JSPWiki in hopes that it would more easily become usable for all those things. I suppose that if I had more time I'd help in a more central way on the wiki-code. I shudder at some of the awkwardness's in there. I look forward to your announcing 3.0 work where some real structural changes can get made to make further extensions and features more tractable. Anyway, keep up the good work! and I'll keep trying to help from the fringes. --JohnV

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