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Alexey Kakunin is worked for EmDev Limited and used JspWiki in EmDev's flagman product: EmForge

We are using JspWiki as Wiki-Engine. Ok, Wiki used not only for displaying Wiki-itself - but for storing any textual information in the system.

We are not using JspWiki war or JspWiki tags and GUI - we mostly concentrating on WikiEngine class.

During our job we making several integration jobs for JspWiki inside our project:

  1. JspWiki and JSF - Implementing JSF/Facelets GUI for Wiki-Pages
  2. JspWiki and Spring - to use JspWiki engine in Spring Glue
  3. JspWiki and Subversion - Subversion-based providers implemented for Pages and Attachments
  4. JspWiki and Acegi Security - issues related to integrating JspWiki (used JAAS) and Acegi Security (used in Spring Framework)

Fell free to ask about any questions related to these issues by my email: akakunin at

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