this page is a redirect-target from RedirectPlugin - but there is nothing in RedirectPlugin that points to this page - There are examples that point to SomeOtherPage and OtherName, google and others. (You'll see these on

Perhaps somebody can shed a light on this? :-)

Are there any other (global?) aliases?

If you are looking for information about how to redirect from one page to another, a simple [{SET alias='RedirectTarget'}] works well for me... The examples on RedirectPlugin show some additional parameters for the plugin like 'delay', if you need such a feature...

-- OlafKock

We had the same problem, something seems to be cached here. After removing all the temporary files (tomcat/work/ and jspwiki_data/tmp/), everything worked fine again.

--Candid Dauth, 23-Aug-2006

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