Some time ago I started to write a kaffe based, RFB windowing system.
It would use the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (the one used by VNC) to
display on the net. Handy for servers, which would use it remotely.

Things were going ok, till I arrived to the difficult part: __How do you handle
fonts?__ Nowadays it would be doable, using libfreetype, for instance. But I feel
I don't have the energy or motivation to try again.


Stephane Meslin-Weber is working on fbAWT, a framebuffer AWT for Kaffe and GNU Classpath.


Stephane Meslin-Weber is __still__ working on fbAWT, except it's now called [Odonata|] and the scope is ''any'' Java 1.1+ JVM. Odonata is a set of framebuffer AWT peers written completely in Java. The framebuffer the peers draw on is any array of bytes and currently has VNC and Linux framebuffer backends. Font-wise, it currently use the font engine from [PJA|] for bitmapped fonts - additionally, there are plans to use two pure Java TTF engines in the future.



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