Hello all,

I came to this page through "User Preferences." I kind of expected to be able to set some user preferences, but this seems to be a personal page edit. Perhaps someone could put me right.

No matter, I'll tell you about me and why I'm here.

I've been looking into wikis for a week or two, as a personal tool and for setting something up at work for group collaboration. I liked the original wiki, and it works well with the Apache HTTP server. But I wanted a feature or two more, especially file attachments, better named links, and tables. Also, at work we are more used to JSP environments than perl.

I tried twiki, but on Windows the installation just seemed too cumbersome.

This seems to be everything I want in a wiki. I'll try it out at home and see how it goes.

Thanks to Janne for providing this.

Update: that was October 2003, and this is March 2005. I'm a great fan of JspWiki -- I use it all the time for my own work.

Thanks again to Janne!

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