Hi. I'm a relative newcomer to JSPWiki. I like the package a lot. ??

By day, I am a senior analyst at a market research and consulting firm, Yankee Group.

As you might guess, I am something of a security freak. So with regards to JSPWiki, I am very interested in the security aspects of it: how to deploy and operate it securely. I have contributed code that integrates the JSPWiki's AAA code in with the standard J2EE & JAAS security architectures. Coming soon to version 2.3.

I have contributed a minimalist template, called Clean. Separately, I have put together a little application that 1) allows user self-registration using a database, and 2) integrates the user database with Tomcat container-managed authentication using JAAS.

I have also begun writing up a Secure Deployment Guide for system administrators. As far as I can tell, nobody had written any Wiki docs for this yet. I take that back... I haven't written it yet.


Andrew, I've taken Clean as a starting point and developed a new template called BlackBeanTemplate. It doesn't actually look all that much like Clean (though I like to think it's still relatively "clean"). It changes the page from three to two columns (removing the "features" column) and moves the sidebar to the right side. It also adds a coloured border and other changes. I'm now using BlackBean as the basis for other templates I'm working on. -- Thanks, MurrayAltheim.

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