About me:#

Anil, I work for MindTree consulting a consulting company based out of India.

I started using JSPWiki and really liked it a lot. I have being using it for my personal data management as well as an effective project colloboration tool for my project. Till now, my experience is great.

I tweak a lot around with Open Source system and while doing so happened to contribute a template.

I am currently working on providing a JetSpeed or any other portal server based WIKI interface of JSPWiki. That way many of the overheads of look and feel can be delegated to a portal server.

Keep watching out this space for more updates on the same.


Me too finding WIKI very usefull and currently am building one for our project mainly for Knowledge sharing.

Regards Vinod_bw@rediffmail.com

--Vinod W, 07-Apr-2006

Hi Guys

I have built many wikis now and are up and running at my company. I've used MediaWiki though and it is is better than jspwiki.

Best regards Vinod (Vinod_bw@rediffmail.com)

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