!About me:

Anil, I work for [MindTree consulting|http://www.mindtree.com] a consulting company based out of India.

I started using JSPWiki and really liked it a lot. I have being using it for my personal data management as well as  an effective project colloboration tool for my project. Till now, my experience is great.

I tweak a lot around with Open Source system and while doing so happened to [contribute a template|ContributedTemplates].

I am currently working on providing a [JetSpeed|http://jakarta.apache.org/jetspeed] or any other portal server based WIKI interface of JSPWiki. That way many of the overheads of look and feel can be delegated to a portal server. 

Keep watching out this space for more updates on the same.

ContributedTemplates was locked so I am posted this here for now.\\
The modern template gives me this error:\\
/templates/modern/LeftMenu.jsp(31,0) According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute page does not accept any expressions\\
I am using current stable JSPWiki 2.0.52\\