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As of 12-Feb-2008, JSPWiki source code now lives in the Apache Subversion (SVN) repository.

The repository address for read-only access is:

The repository address for people with commit access is:

It is strongly recommended you only check out the trunk or the tag you're interested in. You can use this url in a web-browser to see what subdirectories are available before choosing one to actually check out..


Tag Purpose
trunk Current development
JSPWIKI_1_8_BRANCH JSPWiki 1.8.x series.
JSPWIKI_2_0_BRANCH JSPWiki 2.0.x series.
JSPWIKI_2_2_BRANCH JSPWiki 2.2.x series.
JSPWIKI_2_4_BRANCH JSPWiki 2.4.x series.


The following tags exist in the repository, corresponding to their respective versions:

JSPWiki 2.5&2.6
jspwiki_2_5_79_alpha, jspwiki_2_6_0, jspwiki_2_6_1
JSPWiki 2.4
jspwiki_2_4_56, jspwiki_2_4_69, jspwiki_2_4_71
JSPWiki 2.2
jspwiki_2_2_13_beta, jspwiki_2_2_28, jspwiki_2_2_33
JSPWiki 2.0
jspwiki_2_0_45, jspwiki_2_0_39, jspwiki_2_0_36, jspwiki_2_0_32_beta, jspwiki_2_0_14_beta, jspwiki_2_0_0_alpha
JSPWiki 1.8
jspwiki_1_8_2, jspwiki_1_8_0
jspwiki_1_7_0, jspwiki_1_6_12_beta, jspwiki_1_6_11_beta, jspwiki_1_6_0, jspwiki_1_5_7_beta, jspwiki_1_5_5_beta, jspwiki_1_5_0, jspwiki_1_4_0.

Please do not report bugs against older versions.

Comments, issues, etc.#

Excerpt from the mailing list: Not yet officially announced, but available for early users: It's a read-write mirror for and since it's located in Europe and isn't (yet) as loaded as the official repository, it's really fast for many use cases. Give it a try if you're located in Europe.

The mirror is synced every few minutes, so in practice you won't see a difference in the repository contents. The only time this might be a problem is if you do an "svn update" right after an "svn commit", but a better workflow would be to update before committing.

So, you can also grab code from svn repo from:
or (people with commit access):

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