Apache Incubation Checklist#

Now that the ASF proposal has been accepted, we've got some work to do to move JSPWiki over to ASF infrastructure and start incubating. Here's a check-list to help us get started.

  • Put together a proper checklist based on one at apache.org
  • Get CLAs on file for all initial committers
    • Janne Jalkanen (jalkanen@ecyrd.com)
      • Faxed on Oct 3, 2007
    • Andrew Jaquith (andrew@freshcookies.org)
    • Dirk Frederickx (dirk.frederickx@gmail.com)
      • Sent Oct. 1, 2007
    • Christoph Sauer (sauer@hs-heilbronn.de)
      • Sent Oct. 2, 2007
    • Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez (juanpablo.santos@gmail.com)
      • Sent around Sep. 20, 2007 received
    • Murray Altheim (murray07@altheim.com)
      • Still negotiating with Her Majesty ;-)
  • Create Apache.org accounts for each committer
  • Create SVN space done 2007-10-06 https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/jspwiki
  • Create dev and user mailing lists requested 2007-10-06 https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-1374
    • Move current subscriptions from jspwiki.org to apache lists
  • Create -private list
  • Create Issue tracker in Bugzilla DONE
  • Create Apache Incubator web-page for project

BTW, there is a list of folks who have submitted CLAs at the end of this page http://people.apache.org/~jim/committers.html -- not sure how often it is updated.

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