Instructions (to those who forgot them already): In order to make the transfer of your contributions legal, you will need to go to the Apache website, and download, fill, and return either of the two agreements:

You can just fill in the form, and either mail or fax it to the ASF. Contact information is in the preamble of the license agreement.

After you have sent the legal documents, please send me a note, or just edit your status on the list below.

Name Contacted Sent ICLA or SGA Confirmed received
Kees Kuip yes yes yes
John Volkar yes yes yes
Alain Ravet yes
Chuck Smith yes yes yes
Henning Schmiedehausen yes yes yes
Ken Liu yes yes yes
Sebastian Baltes yes yes yes
Hanno Eichelberger yes yes yes
Arent-Jan Banck yes yes yes
David Au yes yes yes
Scott Hurlbert yes yes yes
Dan Frankowski yes yes yes
Torsten Hildebrandt yes yes yes
Steffen Schramm yes yes yes
Janne Jalkanen yes yes yes
Murray Altheim yes yes yes
Christoph Sauer yes yes yes
Erik Bunn yes yes yes
BaseN corporation (needs a CCLA) yes yes yes
Juanpablo Santos Rodriguez yes yes yes
Andrew Jaquith yes yes yes
Dirk Frederickx yes yes yes

(Listing of received ICLAs are at


The 2.8 dependencies and their migration plan is:

JAR Description License Plan
activation.jar Java activation.jar CDDL Category B license; Keep
akismet-java-1.02.jar The Akismet Java library BSD Category A; Keep
commons-codec-1.3.jar Apache Codec Apache 2.0 Keep
commons-el-1.0.jar  Apache EL  Apache 2.0 New in 2.8
commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar  Apache Fileupload  Apache 2.0 New in 2.8
commons-httpclient-3.0.1.jar Apache HttpClient Apache 2.0 Keep
commons-io-1.4.jar  Apache Commons IO  Apache 2.0  New in 2.8
commons-lang-2.0.jar Apache Lang Apache 2.0 Keep
commons-logging-api.jar Apache Logging Apache 2.0 Keep
custom_rhino.jar From Dojo toolkit - compresses Javascript MPL Category B; Keep
ecs.jar Apache ECS Apache 2.0 Keep
freshcookies-security-0.54.jar Parses Java security policy files Apache 2.0 Keep
hsqldb.jar HSQLDB Hypersonic license ? - probably compatible with APL
jakarta-tablibs-standard-1.1.2.jar Apache JSTL Apache 2.0 Keep
jakarta-taglibs-jstl-1.1.2.jar Apache JSTL Apache 2.0 Keep
jasper-compiler-5.5.25.jar New in 2.8
jasper-runtime-5.5.25.jar New in 2.8
jaxen.jar Jaxen XPath BSD Keep
jdom.jar JDOM 1.0 Apache-like ? - probably APL compatible
jetty-jmx-5.1.14.jar   New in 2.8
jetty-plus-5.1.14.jar New in 2.8
jetty-servlet-5.1.14.jar New in 2.8
jrcs-diff.jar JRCS 0.x Apache We are using the Apache-licensed version 0.2, so Keep
jsonrpc-1.0.jar JSON-RPC 1.0 Apache 2.0 Keep
 jsp-api.jar  Tomcat JSP API library  ? New in 2.8
junit.jar JUnit 3 testing framework CPL Category B; Keep
log4j-1.2.14.jar Apache Log4j library Apache 2.0 OK
lucene-highlighter.jar Lucene additional Apache 2.0 OK
lucene.jar Apache Lucene Apache 2.0 OK
mail.jar JavaMail CDDL Category B; Keep
nekohtml.jar NekoHTML HTML Parser CyberNeko license Based on Apache 1.1 license
oro.jar Jakarta ORO library Apache Keep
oscache.jar Caching OpenSymphony license A version of Apache 1.1 license, compatible with it?
sandler.jar Atom API BSD license OK, but probably useless now, since it's not really being used
servlet-api.jar Servlet 2.4 API ? Probably okay, since it's taken from Tomcat
stripes-1.5-RC1.jar  Stripes 1.5  Apache 2.0  New in 2.8
xercesImpl-2.6.2.jar Apache XML parser Apache OK
xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar Apache XML apis Apache OK
xmlrpc.jar Apache XML-RPC libraries Apache OK
yuicompressor-2.3.3.jar  Yahoo UI compressor  BSD  New in 2.8

The category definitions are based on this current ASF policy draft.

JS library Description License Plan
mootools.js object-oriented javascript framework MIT Keep
jsonrpc.js json ajax support Apache to be removed, json-rpc is also included in mootools
prettify.js allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets Apache Keep
Slimbox lightbox clone for previewing images, and other resources MIT Included with adaptations of JSPWiki
Reflection reflection effects on images MIT Included with adaptations for JSPWiki

Dependencies which were in 2.6 but are gone in 2.8#

JAR Description License Plan
WikiWizard.jar WikiWizard editor LGPL will be dropped (JSPWIKI-42)
httpunit-1.5.4.jar HttpUnit testing framework Custom license ? - probably compatible with APL
jwebunit-1.2.jar JWebUnit library GPL Must go; but used only for testing.
jug-lgpl-2.0.0.jar UUID generation LGPL Ditch, can be replaced with JDK 5 functionality.
multipartrequest.jar Jason Pell's multipartrequest library LGPL Needs to be replaced with e.g. Jakarta fileupload library

List of known people#

People who own JSPWiki code and are not on the initial committer list or have otherwise agreed.

[Tinashi:~/Eclipse/JSPWiki] jalkanen% find . -name "*.java" | xargs grep "@author" | grep -v Jaquith | grep -vi jalkanen | grep -vi Dirk | grep -vi Christoph | grep -vi Bunn | grep -vi ebu | grep -vi Murray
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/diff/ * @author John Volkar
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/diff/ * @author <a href="">Henning P. Schmiedehausen</a>
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/diff/ * @author John Volkar
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/diff/ * @author <a href="">Henning P. Schmiedehausen</a>
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/filters/ * @author Steffen Schramm
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/filters/ * @author Hanno Eichelberger
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/parser/ * @author Steffen Schramm 
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/parser/ * @author Hanno Eichelberger 
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin/ *  @author Alain Ravet
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin/ *  @author Scott Hurlbert
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin/ * @author John Volkar
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin/ * @author Scott Hulbert
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/plugin/     *  @author Kees Kuip
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/render/ *  @author David Au
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/search/ *  @author Arent-Jan Banck for Informatica
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/search/ *  @author Arent-Jan Banck for Informatica
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/search/ *  @author Arent-Jan Banck for Informatica
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/search/ *  @author Arent-Jan Banck for Informatica
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/tags/ * @author Ken Liu
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/tags/ *  @author Chuck Smith
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/tags/ *  @author Chuck Smith
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/ui/ *  @author Chuck Smith
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/ui/ *  @author Chuck Smith
./src/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/util/ * @author Dan Frankowski
./tests/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/htmltowiki/ * @author Sebastian Baltes (
./tests/com/ecyrd/jspwiki/ *  @author Torsten Hildebrandt.
[Tinashi:~/Eclipse/JSPWiki] jalkanen% 

JavaMail (activation.jar and mail.jar) is available under the CDDL v1.0 License, see

--ChristianGeisert, 30-Aug-2007


-- JanneJalkanen, 30-Aug-2007

Just a thought... I think Apache Geronimo has their own, presumably ASL licensed versions of activation.jar and mail.jar that you could use.

--DavidIllsley, 08-Sep-2007

That's good news; thanks!

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Sep-2007

This isn't really a relicensing issue, but... we're using Akismet for spam filtering. Now, if this whole thing is moved to Apache, that no longer counts as personal use. So maybe we will need to negotiate a special free contract from Akismet developers for Apache :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Sep-2007

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