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This page provides links to information on various application frameworks.


  • Struts A servlet/JSP based web application framework.
  • Expresso An application framework which extends and builds on Struts with a very large user community base.
  • Cocoon An XML based web application framework... we switched from Struts to Cocoon lately. --TomZ
  • SpringFramework An MVC, a container, a JDBC lifesaver, almost perfect. --TaibLokman
  • Wafer Project Wafer is a research project which compares the many open source web application
  • WebWork A Java web-application development framework, and it's built on top of XWork, which provides a generic command pattern framework as well as an Inversion of Control container. cartoon picture to color cartoon picture of log cabin cartoon picture of cow cartoon picture of a bloodhound dog cartoon picture drowning person cartoon mooning graduate picture cartoon lightbulb picture carolina cherry tree picture carnival spirit picture carnie wilson picture nude jpg cardboard 4 x 6 picture frames car wash picture captain majid picture captain jack sparrow picture cannes film festival 2005 picture canadian idol kalan picture porter canada flag picture cancan picture can i see a picture of different kinds of plants can find me a picture of santiago city in chile camp lazlo picture camera picture camel desert biblical picture calla lily picture cactus picture cablevision dvi picture bust saturday night fever picture bust of socrates picture bushbaby picture bush joke picture burnside bridge with picture history build your own free wap picture site budlight beer picture buddy icon picture maker broken photocopier picture britney spears trashy picture bridge picture galleries brian trenseau picture breast feeding picture picture pregnancy brazil carnival picture brad s angelina s new baby girl picture braces picture smilie boudjour picture galleries book of mormon picture bone scan normal picture bobby cox family picture bob ulrich s picture bob seger stranger in town picture disc bob mayer picture dressed in skirt boat cigarette picture bluestem grass kentucky picture blue trillium flower picture bleed picture definition black pimp picture grills and rims black gallery style wall picture frame black crow bird picture black cat green eyes cartoon picture long tail billy joel picture in mens health biggest house in the world picture bible picture gallery betty crocker picture cookbook best deals for picture developing bertrand russell picture bend it like beckham picture beheading execution picture beaver and picture and dam and river bearing rein horse picture battery operated art picture frame light bathroom design interior picture basketball sunset picture basketball picture frame barbaro x ray picture barbara katy chapman picture bambi blaze picture bali picture framers baby picture web hosting baby picture of racoon baby brown snake picture babe ruth picture aztec picture quiz awful picture of spurrier autoimmune picture auction picture hosting atrax robustus picture atlantic puffin egg picture atlanta motion picture equipment rental atlanta airport picture asp picture link asian teen picture ashlee simpson picture ascii picture maker arquette family picture actors arkansas driver s license new picture ark of the covenant temple picture arctic fox picture arabian barb picture aqualung tull picture appomattox station virginia picture apple picture antonio alfonsec glove picture antique wooden victorian picture frames antique picture of elvis presley answers to exercise your music muscle picture annual flower picture and care anna nalick picture ann rinaldi picture animals full picture of jaguar anatomical picture ancan picture american passport picture america s next top model adrianne playboy picture amateur men picture alter picture size html all picture word puzzles all black men picture alfa romeo berlina picture alexis bedel picture alexander graham bell picture alzarkowi death picture ajuga picture airplane concord picture aircraft explosion picture against britney music picture spear after breast implant picture taken after before breast lift picture adult schnoodle picture adult picture downloader adult picture bookmarks adult perdonal picture nude adult nude photos jjay sfree picture zone adult mobile picture messages add text to picture holding sign web app actress kim stanley picture acrobat element picture abroginal picture aborigine picture abigail hutchinson s picture a visual picture of energy below navel a spring wildlife picture a picture of who invented algebra a picture of van gogh a picture of the united states a picture of the london eye a picture of ruth wakefield a picture of ri a picture of peter sutcliffe a picture of inside a cocoa plant a picture of dora the explorer a picture of daniel radcliffe a picture of ciara harris a picture of archie griffin a picture of alexander the great a pharoah of egypt a picture of alexander the great pharoah of egypt a picture of alaska s northern lights a picture of a wolf a picture of a steeplejack a picture of a softball a picture of a nonagon a picture of a nicotine patch a picture of a lightning bults a picture of a computer a picture of a cell a picture of a cat and a dog together a picture of a bulldog a family picture of adolph hitler

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