The latest stable version is 0.24

ArgoUML is an open source UML tool with cognitive support.

Regards, Alex

Hm. This is borderlining on advertising. Do others feel like it? --JanneJalkanen

Yes, but it is no more so than the ObjecteeringUML or PoseidonUML pages ... I guess a more important question is, what topics do you want this JSPWiki to serve? --MichaelGentry

I got rid of the marketing speak and now you can comment on the product instead of the page. I am quite happy to do this in response to your comments. I don't know how to change the image, it's old. Alex

According to the site's page "Tigris.org offers open source Software engineering tools". I have used ArgoUML and personally like the tool and could possibly enhance the Wiki functionality and tool set. I would use it immediatly if it were offered in a plugin. Mike Misovec

Updated image and a link. --Ascander, a passing by user.
See: UML Tools

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