Obsolete. Check out the [Security2.3Howto].

The article ["Introduction to JSPWiki"|http://linuxgazette.net/108/youngman.html] in Linux Gazette has a link to this page, so it should be preserved with links to the current security/authentication system. 


I was surprised to find this page deleted.  I understand that the new security model is far better than this one; however, so long as v2.2.33 remains your "Current stable release" and 2.3.x / 2.4.x remain betas, you should keep the documentation for 2.2.33 available.  All 3 of your security pages were properly marked at the top with the version numbers they applied to and I think that was the right way to do it.  (I managed to diff version 79 and 80, grab the mark-up and copy it my Wiki (intranet, sorry) so I'm OK but for others).

Also, do you have a list of other pages removed pages which contain 2.2.33 specific information?

--Martin Hache, 02-Aug-2006


Well, the 2.2 system does NOT WORK, so IT IS NOT SECURE.  That is why it is totally deprecated to the point of killing documentation...

-- JanneJalkanen