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Obsolete. Check out the Security2.3Howto.

The article "Introduction to JSPWiki" in Linux Gazette has a link to this page, so it should be preserved with links to the current security/authentication system.

I was surprised to find this page deleted. I understand that the new security model is far better than this one; however, so long as v2.2.33 remains your "Current stable release" and 2.3.x / 2.4.x remain betas, you should keep the documentation for 2.2.33 available. All 3 of your security pages were properly marked at the top with the version numbers they applied to and I think that was the right way to do it. (I managed to diff version 79 and 80, grab the mark-up and copy it my Wiki (intranet, sorry) so I'm OK but for others).

Also, do you have a list of other pages removed pages which contain 2.2.33 specific information?

--Martin Hache, 02-Aug-2006

Well, the 2.2 system does NOT WORK, so IT IS NOT SECURE. That is why it is totally deprecated to the point of killing documentation...

-- JanneJalkanen

If like me you end up being the lucky new maintainer of an older version of JSPWiki of which everyone around has forgotten the password, you will be happy to be able to read the pre-2.2 documentation of the authentication on Wayback Machine.

-- Laurent C., 30-Aug-2007

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