I'm Alex, but a lot of people called me axellander. It's a cross Name from Alexander and something stupied thinking of my step brother marcus.

My first computer was an 286/20Mhz 80MB HDD 512k gfx card and soundblaster compatible card. s/w monitor. Now after 13 years i like to work with linux and hate window$. My first contact with linux was an distribut witch was in spanish, but i don't understand spanish and so i put it in the trash. After that i bought a SuSE 4.0 or 4.3 I really don't know it. But it was interressting and hard to learn. vi was cool but i don't know to quit, so i killed it every time. after some years i used joe. someone told me, not to use joe. "you have to use vi, so you can edit every file on every UNIX machine". from that time I enjoned more time for linux. Now I'm using Debian 2.2 now 3.0 . the coolest and greatest thing in debian is the packet managment. Now other linux package system is so powerfull !

have fun

Alex axellander@web.de

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