First: __[BEJY Tiger|]__ is a tiny web container written by [me|Bebbo]. The installation is plattform independent, and might also work for many other web containers.

These are the steps:
# Download the [JSPWiki|JSPWikiDownload] distribution 
# Download the [BEJY Tiger|] distribution 
# Unzip the BEJY Tiger and get it running, by default it runs on port 8080
# Unzip JSPWiki and copy the JSPWiki.war into the webapps directory
# Enter [http://localhost:8080/JSPWiki] and you're done

If you wanna modify your running, JSPWiki you should remove the JSPWiki.war from the webapps directory and work in the unzipped folder webapps/JSPWiki. Some changes requires a restart of BEJY Tiger. To redeploy your tailored JSPWiki, just zip the folder and use it elsewhere.

Have fun

I am using BEJY, and it's really fast and easy to setup! --MaxVoelkel


Really simple jsp wiki!

--AnonymousCoward, 22-Jul-2007