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My IDE is NetBeans on a debian linux box  /% %%commentbox [{TableOfContents title='My targets at JSPWiki! '}] /% %%commentbox  %%(color:orange;background:lightgrey;padding:2px;)   __Zolta off topic__/%   /% %%commentbox  ''I like playing [Go].''\\ %%(font-size:smaller;)   It's a Chineese board game for learning strategic thinking /% /% %%commentbox ''How do Hungarians (as me) write their names?''\\
%%(font-size:smaller;) We write Family name first then the given name. \\ How many men called John Smith can speak Hungarian?\\ Hány Kovács János nevű férfi beszél angolul?  
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*# study JSPWiki source code
*# update [Maven Howto] for 2.8.x
**I'd like to rewrite the Query plugin to support regular expressions in FROM and TO commands
**# study the current Query plugin source   
*longer term
**RDF, RDFa integration

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