My name is Bart. I live in the Netherlands, where I work for the innovation department of a large retail bank. My work involves trying out new things, and Wiki (for me at least) is one of them.

I would like to play around with Wiki for a while and see if it is useful as an accessible store for "living" documents that are used in my department, like portfolio, to-do, knowledge sharing and maybe the phone-list. My biggest concern upfront is related to the non-technical colleagues of mine. Will they adapt to Wiki and write texts with Wiki formatting, or will they consider it too geeky? Any thoughts or experiences on this subject are welcome.

As a Java developer my natural choice for a WikiWiki engine is of course JSPWiki.


Bart Breeschoten bart@breeschoten.net

Hi Bart! I suspect WikiMarkup might be too geeky for most people. My boss, who is reasonably technical, will e-mail me something and say, "Add this to the wiki." They don't want to learn, even though it is pretty simple. I've seen a Java (or was it JavaScript ?) add-on which would let people write things in a more visual way. I believe it output HTML, but maybe it could be modified to support WikiMarkup. Try out this link to see it: http://www.interactivetools.com/staff/ben/htmlarea3_demo/example.html


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