Base 64 tool

java -classpath %classpath%;ostermillerutils.jar com.Ostermiller.util.Base64 -efv encode

java -classpath %classpath%;ostermillerutils.jar com.Ostermiller.util.Base64 -dfv decode

Usage Tips
Base64 -eldagxfqQvV <files> Encode or decode using the base64 format. If no files are specified standard input and output will be used. - -help Print this help message. - -version Print out the version number. - -about Print out license and contact info. -g - -guess Guess from contents whether to decode or encode. (default) -e - -encode Apply base64 encoding. -l - -lines Insert line breaks when encoding. (default) - -nolines Insert no line breaks when encoding. -d - -decode Remove base64 encoding. -a - -decodeall When decoding, attempt badly formatted files. - -decodegood Don't decode badly formatted files. (default) -x - -ext <ext> File extension to use. (default: base64) -f - -force Overwrite files without prompting - -noforce Don't overwrite files. (default) -v - -verbose Print a message for each file encoded or decoded. (default) -q - -quiet Print error messages. -Q - -reallyquiet Print nothing.

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