Makeda: My very ambitious goal is done. The XLST files were created. Things did not work the way I had planned. I wanted a table and wanted to show photos along with the description. Instead I settled just for using the XLST.

So this is the idea behind this project. For this introductory class we learned how to:

1. Write and display XML documents using DTD 2. Write and display XML documents using XSD we reviewed 3. Write and display XML documents using XLST

This final project uses a very simple concept introduced on p.136 of the text. The two team members (Makeda and Bela) are contained within each xml document used.

Step 1: takes the information on these two team members uses a DTD and brings in the descriptions of each team member from a text file.

Step 2: uses an XSD and the descriptions to the text files is a hyperlink.

Step 3: uses an XLST and lists the descriptions for each team member.

Lessons learned: One I need to review how to do tables in HTML so I might actually include photos and display the information in a table going forward. I like how you write the information only once when using the XLST and no matter how many team members there are they all are listed.

The swapping in of text does not work with XSD. So I opted to add a hyperlink to the text descriptions. Please note Makeda's surname is Heard not White!

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FPStep2Schema.xsd 2.8 kB 1 11-Oct-2011 15:36 Bela_and_Makeda Step 2 schema written by Makeda
FinalProjectCMIS170_b.xml 0.8 kB 1 11-Oct-2011 15:36 Bela_and_Makeda Some of what Bela wrote was used; most edited by Makeda
FinalProjectCMIS170_c.xml 3.1 kB 1 14-Oct-2011 21:36 Bela_and_Makeda
PleaseWork.xsl 0.6 kB 1 14-Oct-2011 21:37 Bela_and_Makeda Makeda was frustrated hence the name of this file
Step2screenshot.doc 119.8 kB 1 11-Oct-2011 15:37 Bela_and_Makeda Parsed proof for Step 2 with XSD
Step3proof.pdf 335.9 kB 1 14-Oct-2011 21:37 Bela_and_Makeda It works!
Step3screenshot.doc 153.1 kB 1 14-Oct-2011 21:38 Bela_and_Makeda More proof
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