Bela: I have logged in today, probably bug with JSP loggin yesterday. 10/12/2011

Bela- Can't sign in or login , wonder why.10/11/2011

Bela here,- Its Sunday evening, XML is validating good news, will try to work on my xsd and xslt. How they will work together will be a new thing to learn.Working together  makes it fun.This final project tought me what I didn't learn during the Project 1 and 3. Excited. 


Makeda here:  Today is Sunday October 9, 2011
Today I took the xml file written by Bela and made some basic changes.  I stripped all the notation regarding the polaris server out.  We each can add that back when we go to upload these files to polaris.  Next I wrote the DTD file.  Next I ran the files through XML validator and then parsed them in IE7.  I am not able to include the screen shot here.  Hopefully I will be able to add the files.  I will also email them to Bela.  Step 1 is complete.  Next the XSD then XLST.

This is my wiki page. I hope I am doing OK here. Any one explain why it says I'm not logged in?

Final project is to create a wiki page about what we have learned in the class. Working with Makeda is so exciting. She is very smart,artistic and talented.We are working on Bios and XML for now.