I'm research associate in the [i3G Institute|http://www.i3g.hs-heilbronn.de/Wiki.jsp?page=TheInstitute] at [Heilbronn University|http://www.hs-heilbronn.de/diehochschule/hochschulportraet/index_html?set_language=de&cl=en]. Previous to this I worked for [ecom instruments|http://www.ecom-ex.com], a leading manufacturer of intrinsically safe mobile equipment for the Oil & Gas industry. I studied Business Administration and Management with focus on business applications and processes at [Heilbronn University|http://www.hs-heilbronn.de/diehochschule/hochschulportraet/index_html?set_language=de&cl=en] and [Glamorgan Business School|http://bus.glam.ac.uk], finishing with a M.Sc.

Currently, I am attempting to integrate a possibility for modelling business processes in JSPWiki. Further I am working on using JSPWiki as an integrated tool for process and knowledge management. I am writing my PhD thesis about the management of knowledge-intensive processes and the integration in Wiki systems.

Email: hoetzel (at domain) hs-heilbronn dot de