I am a developer/user interface designer for Triveni Digital, programing in Java/JSP/XML. We design software for digital television, both for consumers and television stations. We are located in Princeton, NJ, but do a surprising amount of our business overseas these days. I have been programming professionally since 1990, and working in Java nearly since the beginning (I still have the O'Reilly book with the referees on the cover!)

I use JSPWiki for my personal/family website and for my Humanist activism and am very pleased with the ease of using JSPWiki, as well as the quality and style of the Java code that makes it happen. I have altered the 'mrg' template significantly to both use CSS and to support accessibility (I have lots of blind friends). I hope to feed these changes back to the community after I have the bugs worked out.

Please leave me a message here if you'd like to contact me. Let me know how I can improve the submissions I have made, or how you are using them.


-- Bradford Holcombe

I'm trying to use the ColumnFilter found under contributed filters. I'm having trouble getting it working and the links to Bradffords wiki are broken. Would it be possible to see a working example of this filter?


--AnonymousCoward, 14-Apr-2008

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