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I am a Java and Web Application Programmer, in addition, I am a QA too. I like open source software communities and prefer to attend them and become one member of them. It's my honor!

I live in Beijing, the capital of China. There are many information technologies companies in Beijing, which provides many opportunities for undergraduates like me. I graduated from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics in Taiyuan of Shanxi province in 2005. My major is computer science and technologies. During university, I studies programming languages C, C++, and Java. Then, I use Java in my first job until now. Honestly speaking, Java is a good technology, although it has some bit shortcomings.

As you see, great JSPWiki is developed by Java technology! With JSPWiki, we can freely share our experiences and knowledge.

At present, I am a software testing leader in isoftstone company, which is my 3rd employer. I plan to work in this company until I cannot get what I want and do what I should do. You know, there is no perfect employer for employees. Once you make the choice, you should try your best to work and do your contribution. Meanwhile, you need to improve yourself in daily work.

My interesting is automation testing. It's amazing!! If you have some questions or experiences in that field, please do not hesitate to contact with me. We can discuss and solve problems. We can share experiences. We can work and study together. Don't we? :)

You can reach me by e-mail:

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