Brushed Template comments on the v.2.2.x #

  • uploaded 25 Sep 05, with 3 skins. --DF
    • Hi I'm running 2.2.33 and these are a few of the things I'm experiencing:
      • When clicking on Page info I get:
        JSPWiki has detected an error
        Error Message
        Tag failed, check logs: Could not find plugin ReferredPagesPlugin
      • The Left Menu also seems to vanish once in a while and no formatting is applied
      • I can't really find any documentation for this template is there any?.... tx -- Greg --
The error message is caused by a not installed ReferredPagesPlugin, sorry.You can remove it from the InfoContent.jsp to get rid of the error. I will remove it from the next upload. --DF
I also saw the LeftMenu issue on IE. Don't know yet what it is -- on Safari and Firefox it's pretty stable. Some other fixes in IE are planned soon: search-menu-box position is wrong, Attachement viewer doesnt stay inside its box. Additionally, windows firefox chokes on the webdings font I'm using in the BrushedTemplateQuickLinks -- need to find a way around it. --DF
Documentation: what about the pages starting with Brushed* ;-) I hope the rest of the .jsp and .js is self-documenting but in case -- drop your questions in the BrushedTemplateDiscussion --DF
  • new upload 1 Oct 05 with some fixes --DF
    • for IE: #Bottom anchor corrected
    • for IE: added DIV around input to get the search-menu properly lined up
    • call to tablesort.js added to commonheader.jsp to support TablePlugin Still to do: some page-load functionality to insert table-sort calls in each wiki table
    • for Firefox/Win: webdings are not known by Firefox on windows, they are now replaced with common xml entities instead of fantasy fonts
    • for IE: refactor BrushedTemplateAttachmentViewer so ie and opera are happy (they dont understand maxWidth properties - blub)
    • focus on first visible field at page load
    • on/off switches in user prefs for showing quicklinks and showing calendar
    • added link to the Home page in the pageactions
    • other minor clean-ups

I am running the version uploaded on 1-Oct-05 under 2.2.33. The problem mentioned above with the left menu disappearing still exists, it seems related to a problem saving userpreferences in cookies. When I save my userpreferences only the username is actually saved, all the other settings do not make it into the cookie, therefore when you close the browser (IE) and come back in, your settings are lost and the left menu does not show up as no skin is selected.
Here is the complete contents of my Cookie:*
This is the only cookie created, is there supposed to more information in this cookie, or is there supposed to be a second cookie created?
This is using Weblogic 8.1 and IE 6.0.2800 under Windows XP.
-- 03-Oct-2005 tewr
The current version has some tweeks - sorry. Did some more testing on Win/IE and I expect to upload a new version soon in which I solved the disappearing left-menu problem. (it has to do with the position:absolute setting of the favorites block which you need to be replaced by a float:left -- all in the vanillaskin.css) -- DF

The cookie problem seems to be something different though - I cannot save preferences under IE as described above.
-- 04-Oct-2005 tewr

Tnx for this info - indeed the cookie setting seems to be ok during an ie session; once you've closed and restarted ie the settings are lost. I assume this has to do with the expiration time of the cookie. I will further investigate.
The additional user-prefs are saved in a new cookie called "JSPWikiUserPrefs"; the last 10 recent searches are saved in new a cookie called "JSPWikiSearchBox"; the native JSPWiki cookie is called "JSPWikiUserProfile" --DF

Is there a way to force the skin that will be used, instead of having a user select it? -- Greg

Make a change to the ~commonheader.jsp so that the prefSkinName points to your default skin. The same applies to all other UserPreferences. --DF
  • new upload 5 Oct 05 with some fixes --DF
    • IE Tabs css clean up (top-border of tabs now always visible - problem caused by funny box-model of ie)
    • IE left-menu hide & seek resolved
    • cookies now survive browser restart (tnx ...)
    • brushed skin clean up
    • IE crashed on the focus() call: removed for now

Webdings is a Windows font and not available on all platforms - at least on Solaris. So all quick2* links look very strange. Could this be fixed ? 17-Oct-2005 -- Alexander

Plse take the latest download, which uses standard html entities instead of the webdings font. --DF
  • 5th download -- stable (1 nov 2005)
    • fixed tabs for firefox on windows
    • fixed edit screenbump on firefox in windows
    • Fixed Find&Replace bug in combination with BrushedTemplateEditSections
    • Still need to work to beautify the included skins.
    • Tested on IE Win (seems ok now), Firefox win(ok), Opera OS-x (ok), Firefox OS-X (ok) and Safari.
    • Experimentational, totally useless but nice looking: added roundedCorners ; still needs to include some stuff to render the base template divs at startup according to some skin settings
  • 6th download -- stable, with improved skins (19 nov 2005)
    Runs on v2.2.x and on v2.3.x; allthough the latter needs more enhancements on the authentication part
    • added BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts so you now have single key access to the main wiki functions ! (with tooltips revealing the shortcut key)
    • added Lucene Help file as separate tab in the FindPage screen
    • several javascript fixes
    • improved BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners with support for color names
    • much work on main and skin css, shifting look&feel stuff into the skin.css
      • Vanilla skin lined up with latest changes of the default JSPWiki template
      • Extra Vanilla skin lined up with lots of stuff from another great wiki ;-))
      • Brushed skin
      • Qute skin (with icon buttons and rounded corners) still experimental skin
      • logo (with mouse hover) now configurable through css
    • synched up with several improvements inside JSPWiki : BrushedTemplateAttachementViewer is now more robust, the Recent Searches menu simplified, ...
    • page-actions extended with buttons for Home page, Index page and Recent Changes page. Most page-actions now have tooltips. TODO: need to update the screenshots !
    • Fixed bug in breadcrumbs

tewr 21-Nov-2005 : moved to BrushedTemplateDiscussion

  • 7th download -- bugfix (23 nov 2005)
    • fix css for left positioning of absolute #Favorite blocks -- for IE lovers.
    • fix for BrushedTemplateSortableTable so it also functions on Firefox.

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