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I made my own template (I hated the way tables were rendered :) trying to change only the jspwiki.css. Anyway some changes were needed to the JSP to get the job.

I took over some of the great stuff of the SteelTempate (tnx RG !) Especially the javascript to highlight searched text and the print css are wonderful.
The javascript inspired me to create the TOC generator. (click the name of a page and a TOC is inserted at the start of the page)

Main features of the template: BrushedScreenshotView.jpg

    • Animated' links when moving the mouse
    • Highlight words after search (tnx to the STEEL template)
    • Print css only printing the page body (tnx to the STEEL template)
    • pretty print (dont print left menu, bottom banners) through clever .css (tnx to the STEEL template)
    • TOC (table of content) javascript: click the name of the page and a TOC will be inserted at the start of the page. Also Top Of Page links are added to each header line for easy navigation back to the TOC.
      A direct TableOfContent link can also be created by inserting following lines in the file. # a TableOfContent link [TOC:MainPage]. jspwiki.interWikiRef.TOC = Wiki.jsp?page=%s&toc=true
    • A LOGO was added beneath the JSP version; preserving the name of the WIKI application I used a logo (trefoil) with a brushed look and feel. The trefoil represents the interlinking of pages inside a wiki.
    • A FAVICON was added: this is a mini logo as shown in bookmark list of recent browsers
    • Tool Tips are added to some main links. (i.e. title="" attribute 0
    • Some icons need to copied manually from the TEMPLATES directory to the general images directory. (can this be changed in the future ?) (smaller attachement icons)


    • edit page with BRUSHED background (safari look & feel ;-)
    • monospace edit textarea to easy formatting of texts

Note: The template was developed on v2.0.52.

Future ideas:

    • TOC : Avoid top link when a page has no headers
    • Add a list of last searches as drop down to the search input field


    • Tables are not rendered 100% correct in IE on mac (border collapse seems not to work) is it ok on windows ? Any clue ?

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