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Brushed Template #

Here is another update of the BrushedTemplate. -- DF, Jun 2004
This is a (major) update of the template based on v2.2.x. --DF, May - Aug 05
This is a (major) update of the template, compatible with v2.4.2. The Quick-Search and Find page are now AJAX driven. (see changelog) --DF, The editor has a js toolbar to insert wiki-markup, and a metadata editor for page ACLs. Dec 05 - Jul 06

Discussions about this thing in BrushedTemplateDiscussion ...

The name of this WikiTemplate refers to the background I used initially for headers and editor screens. (brushed metal look & feel, similar to a safari browser and other os-x stuff)

Other features were added later, all based on .css (cascading stylesheet) and .js (javascript). Allthough the .JSP files are still mostly based on the default WikiTemplate files, the rendering of a page is now mainly steered from the .css stylesheet instead of embedded html. The structure of the CSS is explained in BrushedTemplateCSS.

Since some of these features rely on more advanced javascript capabilities on the client, they may suffer somewhat from browser incompatibilities) Anyway, most modern browsers, Firefox, IE, Safari should be ok.

I've put the screenshots in BrushedTemplateScreenshots. Some features got a separate Wiki page so you can plug them in your templates separately: BrushedTemplateEditSections, BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks BrushedTemplateSkin, BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners, BrushedTemplateFilteredTables, BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts, BrushedTemplateAJAXFindPage, BrushedTemplateCategories , BrushedTemplateClonePage , BrushedTemplateMetadataEditor, BrushedTemplateToolbar, BrushedTemplateWetImage, BrushedTemplateTypography

Other wiki pages which are being used by the template: EditFindAndReplaceHelp, LuceneHelp, CopyrightNotice, BrushedEditPageHelp

Part of the standard JSPWiki: Table Of Contents, Zebra Tables
In v2.3.x: Edit Find&Replace, BrushedTemplateGraphBars extended, BrushedTemplateTabbedSections, BrushedTemplateCollapse, BrushedTemplateCollapseBox, BrushedTemplateSortableTables, BrushedTemplateAttachmentViewer, BrushedTemplateMyFavorites

Now obsolete (<v2.2.x) : List Tables, Drop Down menu,

Hope it can be useful to you.

Installation Instructions#

The brushed template consists of a self-contained zip, which should be easy to install.

  1. Download the latest zip (from the attachments, see bottom of page).
    Make sure to check the version of your wiki with the version of the template - they should match! Read the change-log to see the actual version numbers.
  2. Unzip the file: you will see a directory /brushed
  3. Copy /brushed to your jspwiki installation as /templates/brushed
  4. Edit /WEB-INF/ to refer to the template directory
    jspwiki.templateDir = brushed
  5. Restart your jspwiki app
  6. Point your browser to jspwiki, and off you go.
    In case you would see a strange screen, make sure to clear your browsers cookie

One additional thing: this template also refers to a few specific wiki pages you may want to add to your wiki :

Media Editor
  • CopyrightNotice : optional file which is displayed at the bottom of you screen (part of standarad jspwiki)

Good luck !


v.2.2.x-v2.4.x features#

I started with the refactoring of the brushed template because the dropdown menus, which were extensively used in previous version, showed some instabilities (mainly ie was not happy). I also did a major rework of the javascript to clean up the namespaces and have a clean treatment of the page-onload handlers. (lots of .js was removed) The template now is completely DIVved and SPANned, most of the things can be changed through .css and thus by simply selecting another skin. Finally, I choose to have a template package which is self-contained. I.o.w. there should be no need to make any changes to your standard wiki installation - just drop in files in your templates directory. This is why some additional java was crammed into the JSP, while it would be better off elsewhere.

As of v2.4.x, AJAX technology has beend added based on prototype.js. The search boxes will now directly react on your typing !

Summary of changes:

LeftMenu has become the Favorites.jsp

  • The LeftMenu is now contained by a Favorites block, including stuff like personalised favorites, a (blog) calendar, LeftMenu, LeftMenuFooter.
  • See BrushedTemplateCSS for more details.
  • See BrushedTemplateMyFavorites for personalised favorites page.
  • the (blog) calendar is visible when set in the User Preferences

Page Tabs

  • The main look&feel of the brushed template is now based on Page Tabs This allows to put more info on a page without overloading it: attachment lists are now available as separate tabs in page-view, page-info and edit screens. Help info (edit help) is available as a separate tab, etc... See also BrushedTemplateTabbedSection if you want to use tabs inside an ordinary wiki page!

The main functions of the brushedtemplate are available through alt/ctrl-key commands. Find all shortcuts in BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts

Page View

  • A page consist of several sections delimited by !, !!, !!! header lines.
  • The BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks implements shortcuts for fast navigation between sections:
  • Page content should now flow inside your maximum window size, and not beyond. (aka overflow:auto) This means that for preformatted text which is too wide, a horizontal scroll bar will appear. Seems not always to be the case for wiiiide tables. Grrr.

Attachment Quick Preview

  • A simple attachment viewer is available in most screens, allowing quick review or download of attachments. (now also in standard JSPWiki Edit's screen)
  • The Attach Tab is available on most of the wiki screens (e.g. Edit, Page Info, ... )

Page Actions

  • Page actions are available at the top and bottom of the page. (configurable through css) (now part of standard JSPWiki)
    They contain links to the Home page, PageIndex, RecentChanges, Preferences and LogIn/Out screens.

Page Footer

  • You can add a CopyrightNotice page, which will show at the bottom of your wiki. (now part of standard JSPWiki)


  • Go and edit particular page sections without scrolling through pages of wiki markup: see BrushedTemplateEditSections.
    Goes hand in hand with BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks
  • The Save|Preview|Cancel buttons are now at the top of the page, which I find more convenient.
  • At the bottom, a Find&Replace toolbar is added, including regular expressions and undo functionality. See BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace, (now part of standard JSPWiki)
  • A single help tab is available. See BrushedEditPageHelp to get more complete help then the standard EditPageHelp
  • You can change the size of the text-area via the UserPreferences.
  • All submit buttons are now automatically disabled after clicking; to prevent from double submits.

Additional stuff you can use in your wiki markup (JSPWikiStyles)

  • %%small ... %% for Small text
  • %%sup ... %% for Superscript text
  • %%sub ... %% for Subscript text
  • %%strike ... %% for Striketrough text

Page Preview

  • Added a Preview.gif as background instead of the funny color.
  • Moved the buttons to the top (and bottom) of the page as well.

User Preferences

  • Apart from setting/resetting the username, you can now also set other things. All preferences are stored in a cookie UserPreferences on the client browser. This probably should become an official Idea : it would be nice to support more client-side preferences in JSPWiki
    • Skins: switch between different look & feels without restarting the webapp server. See BrushedTemplateSkin and BrushedTemplateCSS in case you want to write your own skins.
    • Preferred time&date format : which is used in the Page-Info and all other places were timestamps are shown.
    • TimeZone : Client-timezone is selectable.
    • Language : FFS
    • Edit textarea size: default textarea size can be changed


  • Upload an attachement via your main browser window. I.o.w. no new window is popping up, but the upload functionality just appears in the page-content part of your screen; preserving access to the ~Favorites, SearchBox, etc.
  • The Attachment Upload page also contains the quick attachment viewer.

Page info

  • The INFO tab contains a brief set of page info's, including the rename button, and a button which takes you to the extended page info page.
  • The table with version information is viewable in blocks of 20 entries. in order to speed up the loading of the page info screen. You can jump to any block of the version history or get the full list.
  • A TAB is added with a list of all Incoming Links.
  • A TAB is added with a list of all External Links.
  • Attachment info shows the version history of the attachment. It also contains the quick attachment viewer so you can view older version of the attachment.


  • The search box at the top of the screen has a dropdown with a list of the 10 most recent search commands. [screenshot]
    Additional, quick-links are added to the dropdown, allowing you to
    • immediately VIEW a certain page
    • immediately EDIT a certain page
    • immediately FIND a certain page
    • immediately CLONE a certain page : see BrushedTemplateClonePage
  • When typing the search-box, immediate search results (top 20) are returned so you can quickly navigate without passing via the find page. (AJAX driven)
  • The findpage shows the search score by means of horizontal colored bars. You can use these bars in your pages too : see BrushedTemplateGraphBars,
  • Next to the quick link to Google, also a quick link to Wikipedia is added ;-)
  • Only the first 20 search results are shown; a pagination line is available to display more search results, in blocks of 20.
  • A checkbox is available allowing you to get more details for each search result, revealing a brief text which indicates the search match. You need the latest versions of JSPWiki, v2.4.4, for this.

Comment handling:

  • A separate tab is available to view and add comments to a page or a weblog entry. A comment template page, stored in CommentTemplate, is loaded automatically.

Now part of the standard JSPWiki distribution:

Hidden features#

The BrushedTemplate has some additional stuff which depends on some other changes to your wiki installation, such as usage of addtional plugins or changes in some top-level jsp's. Normally I try not to forget to deactivate these things (put in comments) before upload the template to Normally :-)

Anyway, I find them very useful, so here is the info

Overwrite version
I often save wiki pages, and get annoyed by the many versions created by JSPWiki. See for the solution I normally use.

The changes you need to do to the plain.jsp are already there. (so this part is normally commented out)

To turn the feature on, you need to make some changes to the top-level Edit.jsp and remove the comments from plain.jsp

Page Info shows some metadata
The version-history table in the PageInfo.jsp page has some additional column to show, for each version, the value of some metadata. This requires the wiki-engine to walk through all listed page-versions and retrieve the value of the metadata. This may have some performance penalty, but I have not noticed big issues with this.

See InfoTab.jsp to turn this feature on. (so this part is normally commented out)

Page Info shows overview of Attachment Links and External Links
Next to the tabs of Incoming Links and Outgoing Links, the brushed template also has tabs for External Links and Attachment Links. These tabs require you to install the original ReferredPagesPlugin since the standard plugin doesn't support these functions.

See InfoTab.jsp to turn this feature on. (so this part is normally commented out)

v2.1.86 features#

See BrushedTemplateFeatures-v2.1.86 (moved old feature description to another page)

v2.0.52 features#

The template was originally developed on v2.0.52. Now obsolete.

Browsers Support #


The latest version (Sep 05) was tested only onf Firefox and Safari. Some ie testing still needed. Opera 8.1 seems ok, except for the width of the attachment viewer.

Tested on OSX : Firefox, Safari Tested on Windows: Firefox, IE60

Change Log#

v.2.3.x - v2.4.x comments#

16th upload on x Oct 06: based on v2.4.62 -- use latest (stable)

15th upload on x Sep 06: based on v2.4.54 -- use (stable)

  • Change Note also added to the PageInfo tab (supported since v2.4.54)
  • Refactored Attachment Viewer page, with list and picture view; and support for attachment deletion.
  • Find page addition: for easy searching for authors, pages, attachs or contents.
  • BUGFIX Editor dropdown fixed in the comment page (not only in IE) and edit page (IE only)
  • BUGFIX GROUP tab had javascript error due to 'action' attribute.
  • Improved Sortable added IP-address sorting. (tx to Joseph Schmigel)
  • Improved diff-formatting for Contextual Diff provider

14th upload on 5 Sep 06: based on v2.4.46 -- use v2.4.x (stable)

  • When viewing older version, a Version dropdown is added. (similar to Diff.jsp)
  • Open/Close collapse wrongly displayed on IE (tbc)
  • Printing of TabbedSection: all tabs inside the pagecontent are now printed; even the hidden tabs (some refactoring in TabbedSection javascript)
  • Added consistent prompting to the quick-navigation menu's to improve usability.
    • When clicking VIEW with no input, a prompt will ask you which page to view
    • When clicking EDIT with no input, a prompt will ask you which page to edit, default is this page
    • When clicking CLONE with no input, a prompt will ask you a new name for the cloned page
    • When clicking FIND with no input, a prompt will aks you which info to find
  • Change Note added to plain.jsp, and wikiwizard.jsp
  • Format of Recent Changes improved, including change-note

13th upload on 23 Aug 06: based on v2.4.32 -- use v2.4.x ( stable )

  • bugfix user-name becomes null when switching skins
  • bugifx pngfix doesnt adjust the height (not yet validated on ie)
  • bugfix attach-view throws js error
  • refactor brushed skin

12th upload on 18 Aug 06: based on v2.4.32 -- use v2.4.x ( stable )

This version needs JSPWiki-engine v2.4.26 or later: some parts use non-backwards compatible stuff from the wiki-engine.
Main changes :
  • Upgrade of the "GROUP editor" (tab inside preferences tab) so it is now compatible with latest GROUP changes, based on groupdatabase.xml.
  • Aligned with EditorManager of JSPWiki: BrushedTemplate is now 100% compatible with FCK and the cool WikiWizard wysiwyg editors. Read corresponding install pages how to add these editors. ( javascript of brushed has been updated to avoid namespace clashes with WikiWizard )

Other stuff

  • Print CSS now takes all formatting of the plain and skin css into account, for much better printing.
  • BUGFIX: LUCENE errors removed when searching for emtpy strings.
  • Quick navigation now cleans the wikiname punctations before viewing or editing a page. This works around and old JSPWIKI-Engine bug which shows null revision-info at the bottom of the page when the pagename contains special chars such as %20 etc.
  • BUGFIX MyFavorites are working again. Apparently username may contains spaces, which are not accepted by the TEST and INSERTPAGE plugins. Now makes a call to cleanLink.

11th upload : based onf v2.4.13 -- use v2.4.13-3aug06
Improved Metadata editor, extra stuff for graphbars and several small fixes

  • Brushed Template Metadata Editor has been simplified. (see new screenshots) Additionally, checkout Default Metadata which allows to define easily default metadata on your wiki
  • BrushedTemplateGraphBar now supports mulitple nested graphbars with graphBars<name> and gBAR<name>. Also, bars inside tables are now smarter; so you can omit gBar tags.
  • PageInfo: the DELETE button is disabled in case the page still has attachements -- since this seems to generate a wiki-engine error
  • Other stuff:
    • The attach and info tabs are suppressed in case the page doesnt exist
    • Improved ExtraVanilla skin
    • Improved OrderedList skin (really cool)
    • Upload.jsp: add link back to View.jsp
    • Suppress Edit quick-links when no edit permission
    • Diff.jsp: link to >>view-first-change should only be visible with appropriate diff engine
    • BUGFIX: BrushedTemplateCategories popups are now correctly positioned and stable (also in firefox)
    • BUGFIX support multiple filter tables on one page (similar to multiple sortables)

10th upload : based onf v2.4.13 -- use
This version has lots of new stuff -- plse check out and feedback feedback

  • Resolved dislay of page-links to hidden sections.
    Several features in this template allow you to hide information (tabbedsections; collapsebox; etc) and only open it when needed. However, when you click a link which directly navigates to such a hidden section of a page (eg clicking a TOC link) the section remained hidden. Bad. Not any-longer; the template will detect when this happens, make the section visible and scroll the page to it.
  • EDIT functionality :
    • Overview and navigation of all page-sections has been moved to the Favorites bar (left or right) ! So you get a amuch better overview of the structure of your wiki page while in edit. Great to navigate around in larger pages. See BrushedTemplateEditSections
    • FIND/REPLACE can now also work on a the part of text which is selected. See See BrushedTemplateToolbar and BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace
    • Toolbar has been extended with color popups. See BrushedTemplateToolbar
    • BUGFIX: toolbar stability has greatly improved by moving from onclick events to onmousedown events.
  • %%closedCollapseBox now also supports a default CLOSED state. See BrushedTemplateCollapseBox
  • The default Info tab now only shows the standard information of page versions. Clicking More-Info will reveal additional shows metadata, and actually retrieve each version. (check out InfoTab.jsp if you dont want that behaviour)
  • See BrushedTemplateGraphBars for many extentions on the graph-bar functionality. You get more colors, different types of bars and vertical bars.
  • Refactored cookie tokenizer in commonheader.jsp to make it more robust. I hope Jetty doesnt complain anymore.
  • Refactored the way the default preferences are handled. When you choose different default preferences you only need to change commonheader.jsp. There is no more need to change the brushed.js as well. Thus, much easier to change your default skin, time&date format and so on. Just modify commonheader.jsp
  • The brushed now has also support for multiple file-uploads in one go. This means you can select multiple files to be uploaded, and then press make an upload.
  • Several small enhancements on the skin.css's (calendar view, etc.)

9th upload : based on v2.4.13 -- use

  • rework of BrushedTemplateEditSections and BrushedTemplateToolbar so they better coexist
  • many adjustments for better compatibility with IE
  • added support for transparent PNG's for IE () based on trick from Angus Turnbull
  • included spin-gif as visual indication of AJAX background functions (ref find)
  • several bugfixes (fixed preview, focus got lost which made ie crash, etc.)

8th upload : based on v2.4.13 -- use

  • metadata editor included, EXPERIMENTAL
  • toolbar for editor : BrushedTemplateToolbar : ok on OSX, FIREFOX
  • bugfixes : removing nested " in jsp's to be able to run on eg weblogic
  • commented all features which need extras (such a FCK editor ref, non-standard plugins etc)
  • tested on OS-X(safari, firefox), more testing on Windows needed (Firefox and IE6.0)

7th upload : based on v2.4.2 (6 Jun 06) -- use

  • tested on OS-X(safari, firefox), Windows (Firefox and IE6.0)
  • several bugfixes : see BrushedTemplateDiscussion
  • runs on tomcat, weblogic

6th upload : based on v2.4.2 (May 06) -- use

  • support combination of sorted-tables and filtered-tables
  • BrushedTemplateClonePage
  • Improved Find Page, with checkbox for search details (AJAX driven) and better pagination support (with links to first, previous, next, last, all)
  • AJAX driven quick search menu : start typing in the search box, and you'll get immediate the top-20 matches.
  • Improved Info tab, with pagination bar similar as in the Find Page
  • Improved Attach tab
  • brushed.js aligned with prototype.js (v.1.4.0)
  • small tweaks of jspwiki.css
  • Added %%category JSPWikiStyle (AJAX driven). See BrushedTemplateCategories
  • TODO; test this thing on IE -grrr

5th upload : based on v2.3.99 (April 06)

4rd upload : based on v2.3.72 (end Jan 06) -- not backwards compatible with older wiki versions!

3rd upload : based on v2.3.61

2nd upload : based on v2.3.61 (end dec 05)
Minor changes to line up with latest v2.3 release

  • Refactored handling for base parameters from jsp to js, like username, baseurl
  • Synchornised the format of the brushed jspwiki.css with JSPWiki's .css
  • Resolved double submit problem : once you click a submit button, the button is now deactivated to prevent a second submit. This avoid unexpected behaviour like double login clicks, doulbe edit clicks, etc. Even clicking the back button will not allow you to make additional edits ;-)
  • Refactored timezone implementation: you can now set an offset versus the timezone of the JSPWiki server in the user-preferences.
  • Highlight-word bugfix : sometimes the js was crashing in case the text contained xml elements.
  • Updated screenshots of template and skins.
  • PageInfo refactored
  • Skin names are listed based on listSkins(), instead of hard-coded
  • TODO :orderlist skin
  • TODO :metadata editor

1st upload : based on v2.3.45 ! Nov 27, 05
Looks pretty stable, although the authentication stuff needs further burn in. This update contains a rather substantial rework: incorporation of all authentication stuff from v2.3.45 (login/logout/register/new-groups : it is all supported ) as well as several simplications from the gui (moved attachments and info as a tab on each page). Some other goodies are added too (see FindPage and Diff screens...)

  • Prefs (user preferences) now contains tabs for UserPrefs, User Profile and New Groups
  • A new page-actions is added for Login/Logout: it displays with the name of the logged in user.
    • The Login window has same TABbed look and feel
    • The Register New User is another TAB on the same screen
  • Attachment stuff removed from page-actions : both upload and preview are now part of the Attach TAB, the attachment count is displayed in the TAB header
  • Page Info stuff removed from page-actions and put in Info TAB. This Info TAB contains brief info links with incoming and outgoing links and rename and delete buttons. (so now immediately available on every screen ) A more-info button is added which brings you to the good-old PageInfo screen with version-history details, but also an overview of all page links (incoming, outgoing, external, attachment)
  • DIFF page has become a bit more smarter : you can now select, with the help of some dropdowns ANY combination of versions you would like to compare. All from within the DIFF screen.
  • FIND Page has been extended with a dropdown for selecting larger sets of search results instead of the standard max 20 results. You can select results sets in blocks of 20.
  • css
    • fixed format of dl/dt/dd
    • standard formatting for wikiforms gives a more consistent view
    • from the user-preferences, you can select your prefered editor: plain wiki markup or javascript based WYSIWYG. Highly experimental - seems to work on firefox - but seems to lack the SAVE button. (probably fixed in v2.3.47)
... and so on :-) Enjoy and feedback.

v.2.2.x comments#

  • 6th upload
    • added BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts so you now have single key access to the main wiki functions ! (with tooltips revealing the shortcut key)
    • added Lucene Help file as separate tab in the FindPage screen
    • several javascript fixes
    • improved BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners with suport for color names
    • much work on main and skin css, shifting look&feel stuff into the skin.css
      • Vanilla skin lined up with latest changes of the default JSPWiki template
      • Extra Vanilla skin lined up with lots of stuff from another great wiki ;-))
      • Brushed skin todo
      • Qute skin (with icon buttons and rounded corners) todo
      • SmallPieceLookalike skin (because it looks good) todo
      • ...
      • logo (with mouse hover) now configurable through css
    • synched up with several improvements inside JSPWiki : BrushedTemplateAttachementViewer is now more robust, the Recent Searches menu simplified, ...
    • page-actions extended with buttons for Home page, Index page and Recent Changes page. Most page-actions now have tooltips. TODO: need to update the screenshots !
    • Fixed bug in breadcrumbs
    • Check other browers:
      • OS-X: Safari (ok), Firefox (.), Opera (.)
      • WIN: IE (.), Firefox (.)
  • 5th upload -- stable (1 nov 2005)
    • fixed tabs for firefox on windows
    • fixed edit screenbump on firefox in windows
    • Fixed Find&Replace bug in combination with BrushedTemplateEditSections
    • Still need to work to beautify the included skins.
    • Tested on IE Win (seems ok now), Firefox win(ok), Opera OS-x (ok), Firefox OS-X (ok) and Safari.
    • Experimentational, totally useless but nice looking: added roundedCorners ; still needs to include some stuff to render the base template divs at startup according to some skin settings
  • 3rd upload
    • IE Tabs css cleaned up
    • IE left-menu hide & seek resolved
    • cookies now survive browser restart (tnx ...)
    • brushed skin clean up
    • active tab top border disappers in all skins on IE Win
    • BrushedTemplateCollapse refactored : now also working on personal Favorites and ... the TableOfContents.
    • removed focus handling -- crashes on ie
  • 2nd upload
    • for IE: #Bottom anchor corrected
    • for IE: added DIV around input to get the search-menu properly lined up
    • call to tablesort.js added to commonheader.jsp to support TablePlugin Still to do: some page-load functionality to insert table-sort calls in each wiki table
    • for Firefox/Win: webdings are not known by Firefox on windows, they are now replaced with common xml entities instead of fantasy fonts
    • for IE: refactor BrushedTemplateAttachmentViewer so ie and opera are happy (they dont understand maxWidth properties - blub)
    • focus on first visible field at page load
    • on/off switches in user prefs for showing quicklinks and showing calendar
    • added link to the Home page in the pageactions
    • other minor clean-ups
  • uploaded 25 Sep 05, with 3 skins. --DF

v2.1.86 comments#

  • second upload of the template, with some additional javascript/css stuff. --DF May 04
  • Zip was uploaded today. Should be ok on IE.
    --DF 19 Jun 2004
  • New zip uploaded with find and replace function in the Edit page. Bugfix in the InfoContent.jsp.
    --DF 21 Jun 2004
  • next upcomming upload ...
    Bugfix in Extra Vanilla skin (white color not visible on white background)
    Find&Replace: fix support for ^ and $ in RegExp; other bugfixes
    Reorganised skins into separate directories, with related images included. It's now more easy to add/remove skins to the template
    Added a skin with icons
    -- DF July 2004

v2.0.52 comments#

  • greatly reduced file size by removing a _MACOSX directory from zip (propably backup-files)
  • by the way, the edit page looks awesome! :)
  • one question still left: could you please make your TOC-feature available as a plugin? This way it would be available for everybody with any template. Additional bonus here: TOC could be declared per page (where it makes sense e.g.: FAQs), it wouldn't be link-specific and/or a hidden feature (only available via page title click) -- RG
    A plugin would of course move the TOC generation back to the server. I would rather keep it on the client (javascript) as it actually is just a type of formatting of the page. But I agree with your suggestion to declare the TOC on the page itself. See a possible solution in the v2.1.86 template. --DF

This template looks great! It works well in the latest JSPWiki version (2.4.72), except for the Group Admin functions - it always selects the Admin group. When I need to manage users, I change my wiki to use the default template, but it requires me to restart TomCat. Does anyone know how to use the default template for just a few pages? Something like Template="default"

--Ric Johnson, 01-Nov-2006

Can you be more specific on the problem with Admin Group ? The group manager (in Prefs) works fine on my installation.
BTW, you can not switch dynamically between templates without a restart of JSPWiki. Plse move this comment to BrushedTemplateDiscussion --DF

I agree with Ric, this template does look great. One problem that I've run into is that I never see a calendar when I check the Calendar checkbox on the User Preferences page. Any ideas? --DaveWolf, Jan. 04, 2006

Yep, you are right. Apparently, the code to generate the calendar was removed (miostakenly) from Favorites.jsp. Here it is, in case you wanna add it yourself. --DF
<%-- calendar stuff : only shown when showCalendar variable is set --%>
<% if( prefShowCalendar.equals("yes") ) { %>
<div class="collapsebox">
  <div align='center'>
  <wiki:Calendar pageformat="<%="\'"+pagename+"_blogentry_'ddMMyy'_1'"%>"
             monthurlformat="'Wiki.jsp?page=%p&weblog.startDate='ddMMyy'&weblog.days=%d'" />
<% } %>
Thanks, works great! --DaveWolf

One other question, the Typography doesn't seem to be working. I just set up a new Wiki (v2.4.87), running on Tomcat 5.5.20, on Fedora-2. The (c) isn't rendering the copyright mark. I've got the Typography checkbox checked. I guess I'm wondering if the yellow highlighting meant that it wasn't ready for prime time or just new. I see the code in the brushed.js file and it looks reasonable. Any ideas here? Thanks in advance! --DaveWolf

Well, partially figured it out (C) works (but (c) doesn't work) on pages other than the CopyrightNotice. --DaveWolf
Dave, which browser are you using? I noticed some browser incompats with the javascript. Especially SAFARI seems to suffer a lot. BTW, the yellow marker means it's a new feature recently added, so 'burn-in' is still reauired. Feedbacks like this one are much appreciated! --DF
Dirk, I'm running Firefox on a Powerbook OSX 10.4.8.
Mmm, cant reproduce this on OSX+FF. Seems to be working allright both for (C) as (c). --DF
Dirk, I was a bit incorrect in my description above. Both (c) & (C) work in pages including CopyrightNotice -- when not displayed as a footer. However, when the CopyrightNotice is displayed in the footer the (c) & (C) are displayed. See the example here
AHA, Great catch. Indeed, the typography javascript only looks at the #pagecontent DIV, thus pagefooter, header, leftmenu are not touched. Need to fix that. --DF
That would be great. Thanks! --DaveWolf

I don't know if this falls into the BrushedTemplate issue category, but I'm running into a bothersome issue with the user profile values getting set appropriately. I've documented it as a bug. (updated)


I also installed this template, and it's great. Not only the look and feel is good, but lots of functionality is added.

One small error though : there seem to be missing two .png files, I see a lot of 404's in the httlog : - metskem [08/Jan/2007:11:27:33 +0100] "GET /templates/brushed/images/arrow_redo.png HTTP/1.1" 404 1072 - metskem [08/Jan/2007:11:27:33 +0100] "GET /templates/brushed/images/arrow_undo.png HTTP/1.1" 404 1072

Could you add these to the download zip ?

thanks !

--HarryMetske, 08-Jan-2007

Tx for pointing out. There is an err in jspwiki.css, which is pointing wrongly to these gifs for #tbUndo and #tbRedo. Remove those lines are no more 404's. --DF

Dirk, I did some testing with 2.4.91 combined with the BrushedTemplate, and the following error pops up:

JSPWiki has detected an error *Error Message*

  - Attempt to post from a different IP address than where the page was originally fetched.
  - An unknown error was caught by Error.jsp

It can be solved by adding the following in the brushed/editors/plain.jsp (thanks to Janne):

<input name="addr" type="hidden" value="<%=request.getRemoteAddr()%>" />

Could you update that in the distribution zipfile ?

thanks, Harry Metske

--HarryMetske, 30-Jan-2007

Love this template. Once significant problem though. Whenever I upload a file, I get a 404 error like this one:

"HTTP Status 404 - Attachment 'Upload.jsp', version -1 does not exist."

This is from the jspwiki log:

2007-02-09 13:36:04,376 http-8080-Processor24 INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.BasicAttachmentProvider Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/StagingServer - Saving attachment contents to C:\wiki_content\StagingServer-att\portlet-1_0-fr-spec.pdf-dir\4.pdf 2007-02-09 13:36:04,454 http-8080-Processor24 INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.attachment.AttachmentServlet Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/StagingServer - User No InterWiki reference defined in properties for Wiki called "WikiPrincipal (wikiName)"! uploaded attachment to StagingServer called portlet-1_0-fr-spec.pdf, size -1 2007-02-09 13:36:04,470 http-8080-Processor25 INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.attachment.AttachmentServlet Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/Upload.jsp Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/Upload.jsp - Attachment 'Upload.jsp', version -1 does not exist.

I don't get this error from the default template. The attachment does actually go through if I navigate back to the page after the 404 is thrown. Is anyone else experiencing this?

--MarcElliott, 09-Feb-2007

Great template.
Unfortunatly there are big problems with IE7.
Hope there is a fixing soon.

Best wishes Christof Hurst 22/02/07

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