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BrushedTemplate is compatible with JSPWiki up to and including version v2.4. 
Please check the download tab to see which template versions match with which JSPWiki version.

Starting from [JSPWiki v2.6|New In 2.6], major parts of the BrushedTemplate have been included in the default template of JSPWiki. 
Therefore there is no need for further development of the BrushedTemplate. Please note that due to some changes inside the JSPWiki APIs, the BrushedTemplate is not compatible with v2.6 or later.
\\--[DF|DirkFrederickx], 20 July 2008
!!!Brushed Template

Please put your bugs, comments, questions, suggestions in [BrushedTemplateDiscussion]


The name of this [WikiTemplate] refers to the background I used initially for headers and editor screens.
(brushed metal look & feel, similar to a safari browser and other os-x stuff)

[{Image src='BrushedTemplate/brushedmetal.jpg' width='90%' height='24px' }] 

The look and feel can easily be configured via [Skins|JSPWikiSkinDesign] in the UserPreferences or [CSS|JSPWiki Stylesheet Design]. 
Look at the [Screenshots|BrushedTemplateScreenshots] to see what you can expect.

Many features of the template rely on advanced javascript, so you'll need a [modern browser|BrushedTemplate#BrowsersSupport]. 
But page view and printout will keep readable, even wen js is turned off.

!Brief summary of features. (more in the features tab)

Some of the features made it into the standard JSPWiki v2.4:
the [attachment viewer|BrushedTemplateAttachmentViewer], editor [Find & Replace|BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace] functions, and the [MyFavorites|BrushedTemplateMyFavorites]

Other features include
[keyboard shortcuts|BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts],
[quick section links|BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks],
AJAX driven [find page|BrushedTemplateAJAXFindPage],
an easy way to [clone a page|BrushedTemplateClonePage] 
and [Pic/new.png] rendering of [typographic characters|BrushedTemplateTypography].
The editor has [direct section edit links|BrushedTemplateEditSections] and a [metadata editor|BrushedTemplateMetadataEditor].
The [edit toolbar|BrushedTemplateToolbar] provides quick edit buttons, 

Following [JSPWikiStyles] were added also to the standard v2.4 JSPWiki:
[zebra tables|ZebraTableStyle],
[horizontal and vertical bar charts|BrushedTemplateGraphBars] (with [Pic/new.png] extra‘s in latest BrushedTemplate),
[tabbed sections|BrushedTemplateTabbedSections],
[collapsable lists|BrushedTemplateCollapse],
[collapsable text boxes|BrushedTemplateCollapseBox],
[sortable tables|BrushedTemplateSortableTables].

But even more [JSPWikiStyles] are included:
AJAX driven [wiki categories|BrushedTemplateCategories], 
boxes with [rounded corners|BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners],
[table filters|BrushedTemplateFilteredTables], 
images with [Pic/new.png][reflection effect|ReflectionStyle], 
[Pic/new.png][accordion sections with smooth transition effects|BrushedTemplateAccordion], 
[Pic/new.png][multicolumn styles|BrushedTemplateColumns] for newspaper layouts. 
[Pic/new.png][slimbox attachment viewer|BrushedTemplateSlimbox]. 
[Pic/new.png][fancy floating Tips|BrushedTemplateTip]. 

Hope it can be useful to you.

More screenshots [here|BrushedTemplateScreenshots].

[{Image src='BrushedTemplateScreenshots/View-v23x.gif' width='99%;' }]
!! Installation Instructions

The brushed template consists of a self-contained zip, which is easy to install.
# Download the latest zip.\\
  Make sure to check the version of your wiki with the version of the template - they should match!
  Read the change-log to see the actual version numbers.
# Unzip the file: you will see a directory {{/brushed}} 
# Copy {{/brushed}} to your jspwiki installation as {{/templates/brushed}}
# Edit {{/WEB-INF/jspwiki.properties}} to refer to the template directory\\
  {{     jspwiki.templateDir = brushed }}
# Restart your jspwiki app
# Point your browser to jspwiki, and off you go.\\
  In case you would see a strange screen, make sure to clear your browsers cookie

One more thing: this template also refers to a few specific wiki pages 
you may want to add to your wiki :
* [BrushedEditPageHelp] : replace EditPageHelp by this page and have extended help 
  (with extended markup, plugins, [find&replace help|EditFindAndReplaceHelp])
* [LuceneHelp] : help tab in the Search screen
* [DefaultMetadata] : allows you to configure the [metadata editor|BrushedTemplateMetadataEditor]
* [CopyrightNotice] : optional file, displayed in page footer (part of standard jspwiki)

Good luck !

!Hidden features
Some adtional stuff is hidden in the template. To activate them, you need to make changes to the JSP pages and install some addtional plugins.

__Overwrite version__\\
I often save wiki pages, and get annoyed by the many versions created by JSPWiki.
See  [http://www.jspwiki.org/wiki/VersionOverwrite] for the solution I normally use.
\\To turn the feature on, you need to make some changes to the top-level ’‘Edit.jsp’’ and remove the comments from ’‘plain.jsp’’

__Page Info shows some metadata__\\
The version-history table in the ’’~PageInfo.jsp’’ page has some additional column to show, for each version, the value of some metadata.
This requires the wiki-engine to walk through all listed page-versions and retrieve the value of the metadata. 
This may have some performance penalty, but I have not noticed big issues with this.
\\To turn the feature on, change the ’’~InfoTab.jsp’’. (commented section)

__Page Info shows overview of Attachment Links and External Links__\\
Next to the tabs of Incoming Links and Outgoing Links, the brushed template also has tabs for
’‘External Links’’ and ’‘Attachment Links’’. These tabs require you to install the ’‘original’’ [ReferredPagesPlugin]
since the standard plugin doesn’t support these functions.
\\To tun this on, change the  ’’~InfoTab.jsp’’. (commented section)


! v2.4.x features
[{Image src='Pic/uconstr.gif'}]

The latest update of the template is still in an early stage. 

[Mootools|Mootools Javascript Library] has become the base javascript framework instead of [prototype|Prototype Javascript Library]. Mootools contains full support for AJAX, JSON as well as advanced visual effects and is extremely small. A revamp of the [BrushedTemplate] is ongoing, gradually introducing advanced features and visual effects. 

The new features include 
fade effects on the quick search drop-down and [%%category|BrushedTemplateCategories] popups,
slide in/out effects on collapsable [list|BrushedTemplateCollapse] and [boxes|BrushedTemplateCollapseBox],
[reflection effect|ReflectionStyle], 
[image slideshow|BrushedTemplateSlimbox],
[popup Tips|BrushedTemplateTip]. 

Major parts of the BrushedTemplate have been included as JSPWiki's default template. Therefore, further development of the BrushedTemplate as separate template will be abondoned. --[DF|DirkFrederickx], 20 Jul 2008

! v.2.2.x-v2.4.x features

I started with the refactoring of the brushed template because the dropdown menus, which were
extensively used in the previous version, showed some instabilities (mainly ie was not happy). 
I also did a major rework of the javascript to clean up the namespaces and
have a clean treatment of the page-onload handlers. (lots of .js was removed)
The template now is completely DIVved and SPANned, most of the 
things can be changed through .css and thus by simply selecting another skin.
Finally, I choose to have a template package which is self-contained.
I.o.w. there should be no need to make any changes to your standard wiki installation -
just drop in files in your templates directory. 
This is why some additional java was crammed into the JSP, while it would be 
better off elsewhere. 

As of v2.4.x, AJAX technology has beend added based on the [Prototype Javascript Library]. In v2.6.x, [Mootools|Mootools Javascript Library] will be used. 

The main look&feel of the brushed template is now based on [Page Tabs|BrushedTemplateTabbedSection]. 
This allows to put more info on a page without overloading it. You also get immediate access to 
the attachment list and additional page info, consistent across all screens, including view, edit, upload, etc.
Fast navigation is possible via [alt/ctrl-key shortcuts|BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts]

The ~LeftMenu (now in ''Favorites.jsp'') includes [personalized favorites|BrushedTemplateMyFavorites], a (blog) calendar (when set in ~UserPreferences tab), ~LeftMenu, ~LeftMenuFooter.  

The main __Page content__ can be 
divided into several [sections|BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks] with fast navigation buttons for 
top and bottom of the page, previous and next sections and [section edit|BrushedTemplateEditSections]

__Page Actions__ links are available at the top and bottom of the page. (configurable through css)
They contain links to the Home page, PageIndex, RecentChanges, Preferences and LogIn/Out screens.

__Page Footer__ contains a [CopyrightNotice] page. (now part of standard JSPWiki)

The __Edit mode__ has support for direct [editing of a particular section|BrushedTemplateEditSections].
This goes hand in hand with [quick links|BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks].
Also a [Find&Replace toolbar|BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace] is available, with
regular expressions and undo functionality. (now part of standard JSPWiki)
All [Help info|BrushedEditPageHelp] is in one tab, grouping all help on edit, find&replace, JSPWikiStyles, main plugins. Finally, all submit buttons (such as the save button) are automatically disabled after clicking; to prevent from double submits.

Many __[JSPWikiStyles]__ are available, (most are included in the standard JSPWiki):
* %~%small … %~% for %%small Small/% text
* %~%sup … %~% for %%sup Superscript/% text
* %~%sub … %~% for %%sub Subscript/% text
* %~%strike … %~% for %%strike Striketrough/% text

* %~%tabbedSection … %~% to make [tab-pages|BrushedTemplateTabbedSections]
* %~%collapse … %~% to turn ordinary lists into [collapsable|BrushedTemplateCollapse] trees.
* %~%sortable … %~% for client-side [table sorting|BrushedTemplateSortableTables]
* %~%table-filter … %~% to add ms-excel like [table filters|BrushedTemplateFilteredTables]
* colored horizontal and vertical bars. See [BrushedTemplateGraphBars]
* %~%roundedCorners … %~% See [BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners] 
* %~%category … %~% AJAX driven [category popups|BrushedTemplateCategories] 

* %~%accordion … %~% to make [accordions with fade effect|BrushedTemplateAccordion]
* %~%tabbedAccordion … %~% to make [tab-pages with fade effect|BrushedTemplateAccordion]
* %~%tip … %~% to make [transparent hover popups with page tips|BrushedTemplateTip]

__User Preferences__ allow setting/resetting certain user options.
These preferences are stored in a cookie ’‘UserPreferences’’ on the client browser.
* __Skins__: switch between different look & feels
  without restarting the webapp server. See [JSPWikiSkinDesign] and
  [JSPWiki Stylesheet Design] in case you want to write your own skins.
* Preferred time&date format, which determines how time & data info is presented in all other pages.
* __TimeZone__ : Client-timezone is selectable.
* __Language__ : FFS
* __Edit textarea size__: default textarea size can be changed
* __[Typograpghy|BrushedTemplateTypography]__

The template has extensive __Search__ with AJAX support.
* The quick search at the top of the screen has a dropdown with a list of 
  the 10 most recent search commands. It has immediate preview of the top-20 search-results. 
* The quick search menu has commands to quickly View, Edit, [Clone|BrushedTemplateClonePage] or Find a page. 
* The extended findpage shows the search score by means of horizontal colored bars. 
  You can use these bars in your pages too : see [BrushedTemplateGraphBars].
  Search results are paginated. Adtional search details can be requested.
  Quick search links to Google and Wikipedia are available.

Other stuff, now part of the standard JSPWiki distribution: FAVICON, [Table Of Contents|[BrushedTemplateTOC]
and [odd/even table coloring|ZebraTableStyle]

!!Browsers Support 

Since several of the templates’ features rely on advanced javascript capabilities, 
they may suffer somewhat from browser incompatibilities. 
Anyway, most modern browsers, Firefox, IE, Safari should be ok.

The latest version v2.4.x (end 2006) was tested ok on Firefox, Safari(1.3+, 2.0+) and IE6.x. 
Opera and Camino to be checed.

IE7 was reported as not ok. (currently i dont have access to ie7, help is appreciated)

Please report any incompatibilities.

!! Download

* __v2.4.x__  (under construction) -- Use __[BrushedTemplate/brushed-v2.5.x.zip]__
** [v2.4.x change log|[Brushed Template Change Log Version 2.6.x]

* __v2.2.x-v2.4.x__ (latest - stable) -- Use __[BrushedTemplate/brushed-v2.4.x.zip]__
** [Change log|Brushed Template Change Log Version 2.4.x]
** See feature tab for contents.
** Major update of the template based on v2.2.x. –[DF|DirkFrederickx], May - Aug 05
** Major update of the template, compatible with v2.4.2. The Quick-Search and Find page are now AJAX driven. mid 2006 

* __v2.1.86__ (old version with pull-down menu's) -- Use __[BrushedTemplate/BrushedTemplate-v2.1.86.zip]__
** [Change log|Brushed Template Change Log Version 2.1.x]
**  Compatible with v2.1.98 of JSPWiki
**  See [Brushed Template Features-v2.1.86] 

* __v2.0.52 features__ (original version based on JSPWiki v2.0.52. Now obsolete)  
** ''greatly reduced file size by removing a {{_MACOSX}} directory from zip (propably backup-files)''
** ''by the way, the edit page looks awesome! :)''
** Obsolete features (< v2.2.x ) :  [Table Of Contents|BrushedTemplateTOC],    [List Tables|BrushedTemplateListTable],  
   [Drop Down menu|BrushedTemplateDropDownMenu],  [Auto Row Numbering of Tables|BrushedTemplateTableRowNumbering]



Does not work with Author Workflow editor.

--AnonymousCoward, 12-Jun-2007


The Collapse doen´t work right with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.
The collapsed pages are not hidden,
so you can still see them.
Thats quiet ugly :((

--AnonymousCoward, 27-Jul-2007
;: Please post your questions in [BrushedTemplateDiscussion]. It would also be really helpful if you could post some IE6 screenshot about the problem. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]