Here comes a (major) update of the template based on v2.2.x. --[DF|DirkFrederickx], May - Sep 05

The name of this [WikiTemplate] refers to the background I used initially for headers and editor screens.(brushed metal look & feel, similar to a safari browser and other os-x stuff)

[{Image src='brushedmetal.jpg' width='90%' height='16' }] 

Other features were added later, all based on .css (cascading stylesheet) and .js (javascript). 
Although the .JSP files are still based on the default [WikiTemplate] files,  
several changes were introduced so that the
rendering of a page is now mainly steered from the .css stylesheet instead of embedded html.
The structure of the CSS is explained in [BrushedTemplateCSS].

Since some of these features rely on more advanced javascript capabilities on 
the client, they may suffer somewhat from [browser incompatibilities|BrushedTemplate#Tested Browsers]) Anyway, most modern browsers, Firefox, IE, Safari should be ok.

I've put the screenshots in [BrushedTemplateScreenshots]. 
Some features got a separate Wiki page so you can plug them in your templates separately:
[Edit Find&Replace|BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace],

Pages to be relooked at in the latest version:
[Drop Down menu|BrushedTemplateDropDownMenu],
[Collapsable Lists|BrushedTemplateCollapse],

Part of the standard JSPWiki: 
[Table Of Contents|BrushedTemplateTOC],
[Zebra Tables|BrushedTemplateZebraTable]

Now obsolete (v2.2.x) :
[List Tables|BrushedTemplateListTable]

Hope it can be useful to you. \\

Hope it can be useful to you.
\\See [Brushed Template Discussion]

! v2.0.52 features

The template was originally developed on v2.0.52. Now obsolete.

! v2.1.86 features

See [BrushedTemplateFeatures-v2.1.86] (moved old feature description to another page)

! v.2.3.x features

I started with the refactoring of the brushed template because the dropdown menus, which were
extensively used in previous version, showed some instabilities (mainly ie was not happy). 
I also did a major rework of the javascript to clean up the namespaces and
have a clean treatment of the page-onload handlers. (lots of .js was removed)
The template now is completed DIVved and SPANned, most of the 
things can be changed through .css and thus by simply selecting another skin.
Finally, I choose to have a template package which is self-contained.
I.o.w. there should be no need to make any changes to your standard wiki installation -
just drop in files in your templates directory. 
This is why some additional java was crammed into the JSP, while it would be 
better off elsewhere. 

Summary of changes:

~LeftMenu has become the __Favorites.jsp__
* The ~LeftMenu is now contained by a Favorites block, including stuff like
  personalised favorites, a (blog) calendar, page actions, ~LeftMenu, ~LeftMenuFooter.
* See [BrushedTemplateCSS] for more details.
* See [BrushedTemplateMyFavorites] for personalised favorites page.
* the calendar is visible when set in the User Preferences

Page Tabs
* The main look&feel of the brushed template is now based on Page Tabs 
  (similar to the plan JSPWiki Page-Info screen v2.3.x) 
  This allows to put more info on a page without overloading it:
  attachment lists are now available as separate tabs in page-view, page-info and edit screens.
  Help info (edit help) is available as a separate tab, etc...
  See also [BrushedTemplateTabbedSection] is you want to you this inside a page.

Page View
* A page consist of several __sections__ delimited by !, !!, !!! header lines.
* The [BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks] implements shortcuts for fast navigation up and down a page
** top-of-page 
** previous section, 
** next section, 
** bottom-of-page 
** and edit-this-section. See also [BrushedTemplateEditSections]
* Page content should now flow inside your maximum window size, and not beyond.
  (aka ''overflow:auto'')
  This means that for preformatted text which is too wide, a horizontal scroll bar will appear.
  Seems not always to be the case for wiiiide tables. Grrr.

Attachment Quick Preview 
* Sometimes I find my self clicking through all attachments before finding the right one.
  (e.g. [Pic] page) Now I include a very simple and easy to use
  __attachment viewer__ which allows you to quickly browse 
  through all attachements visualising gif/png/tiff/jpg files on the fly,
  without leaving the page !

Page Actions
* Page actions like Edit-Page, Page-Info, My-Prefs etc. are now visible at the top and bottom of the
  page, as well as in the ~LeftMenu. You can switch on/off any action via the css.
** Note: Page Actions are now also shown at the top of a page cause I think this is more
   convenient. More page actions are now available on Edit and ~PageInfo screens. 

Page Footer
* You can add a [CopyrightNotice] page, which will show at the bottom of your wiki.

* Go and edit particular page sections without scrolling through pages of wiki markup: 
  see [BrushedTemplateEditSections]. \\
  Goes hand in hand with [BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks]
* The Save|Preview|Cancel buttons are now at the top of the page, which I find more convenient.
* At the bottom, a Find&Replace toolbar is added, including
  regular expressions and undo functionality.  
  See [BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace],
* Separate tabs are available for Edit Help and Find&Replace Help.
  A separate tab is added when the page is locked.
* You can change the size of the text-area via ~UserPreferences.

Additional stuff you can use in your wiki markup
* {{%}}{{%small ... %}}{{%}} for %%small Small%% text
* {{%}}{{%sup ... %}}{{%}} for %%sup Superscript%% text
* {{%}}{{%sub ... %}}{{%}} for %%sub Subscript%% text
* {{%}}{{%strike ... %}}{{%}} for %%strike Striketrough%% text

* {{%}}{{%tabbedSection ... %}}{{%}} to make tab-pages youself: see [BrushedTemplateTabbedSections]
* {{%}}{{%dropdown ... %}}{{%}} to turn ordinary lists into drop down menus: 
  see [BrushedTemplateDropDownMenu] FFS
* {{%}}{{%collapse ... %}}{{%}} to turn ordinary lists into collapsable trees.
  See [BrushedTemplateCollapse] FFS
  I use it for the LeftMenu and long hierarchical trees of text.
* {{%}}{{%rounded ... %}}{{%}} FFS See [BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners]
* colored bars. See [BrushedTemplateGraphBars]

Page Preview
* Added a Preview.gif as background instead of the funny color.
* Moved the buttons to the top (and bottom) of the page as well.

User Preferences
* Apart from setting/resetting the ''username'', you can now also set other things.
  All preferences are stored in a cookie ''UserPreferences'' cookie on the client browser.
  This probably should become an official __Idea__ : it would be nice to support 
  more client-side preferences in JSPWiki 
** __Skins__: switch between different look & feels
   without restarting the webapp server. See [BrushedTemplateSkin] and
   [BrushedTemplateCSS] in case you want to write your own skins.
** Preferred time&date format : which is used in the Page-Info 
   and all other places were timestamps are shown.
** __Timezone__ : FFS Client-timezone is selectable, however, the JSPWiki tags
   do not (yet) allow the timezone as formatting parameter.
** __Language__ : FFS
** __Edit textarea size__: default textarea size can be changed

* Upload an attachement via your main browser window. I.o.w. no new window is popping up,
  but the upload functionality just appears in the page-content part of your screen; preserving
  access to the ~LeftMenu, ~SearchBox, ~PageActions etc.
* The Attachment Upload page also contains the quick attachment viewer.

Page info
* The table with version information is viewable in blocks of 10 entries.
  in order to speed up the loading of the page info screen.
  (block-size settable via the ~UserPreferences)
  You can jump to any block of the version history or get the full list.
* A TAB is added with a list of all Referenced By pages.
* A TAB is added with a list of all Referred To pages. 
  (only ok when you have the [ReferredPagesPlugin] installed)
* A TAB is added for Attachments, including the quick attachment viewer
* Attachment info shows the version history of the attachment.
  It also contains the quick attachment viewer.

* The search box at the top of the screen has a dropdown with a list of 
  the 10 most recent search commands. [screenshot|25]\\
* The findpage shows the search score by means of horizontal colored bars. 
  You can use these bars in your pages too : see [BrushedTemplateGraphBars],
* Next to the quick link to Google, also a quick link to Wikipedia is added ;-)

Comment handling: FFS
* A separate tab is available to view and add comments to a page.
  This feature is based on the existing but unused ''~CommentContent.jsp''. \\
  A comment template page, stored in [CommentTemplate], is loaded automatically.\\

Now part of the standard JSPWiki distribution:
* Table Of Contents : see [BrushedTemplateTOC]
* Odd/even coloring of table rows: see [BrushedTemplateZebraTable] :

!! Screenshots

See [BrushedTemplateScreenshots]

!!Browsers Support 

The template was verified on: 
* OS-X
** Safari v1.2.2 (OS-X) - ok,
** Opera  v7.50  (OS-X) - now ok with some tweaks on the dropdown menu
** ~FireFox v0.8  (OS-X) - ok
** Mozilla v1.6  (OS-X) - ok 
** IE v6.0 /win -- ok, includes edit textarea resizes buttons

** IE v5.2 (OS-X) -- nok 

The latest version (Sep 05) was tested only on Firefox and Safari. Some ie testing still needed.
Plse complete this section if you ran it on something else. Tx.


* ''by the way, the edit page looks awesome! :)''
* ''one question still left: could you please make your TOC-feature available as a plugin? This way it would be available for everybody with any template. Additional bonus here: TOC could be declared per page (where it makes sense e.g.: FAQs), it wouldn't be link-specific and/or a hidden feature (only available via page title click) -- RG''
  \\A plugin would of course move the TOC generation back to the server. 
  I would rather keep it on the client (javascript) as it actually is just a type of formatting of the page.
  But I agree with your suggestion to declare the TOC on the page itself. See a possible solution in the v2.1.86 template.
  \\''Your suggested solution works quite well and is really nice too, thx. -- RG''

(note: comments on 2.1.86 moved to [BrushedTemplateFeaturesV2.1.86])

! v.2.2.x comments
* uploaded 25 Sep 05, with 3 skins. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
** Hi I'm running 2.2.33 and these are a few of the things I'm experiencing:\\
*** When clicking on Page info I get:\\
    {{JSPWiki has detected an error\\
      Error Message \\
      Tag failed, check logs: Could not find plugin ReferredPagesPlugin }}
*** The Left Menu also seems to vanish once in a while and no formatting is applied\\
*** I can't really find any documentation for this template is there any?.... tx -- Greg --

;:The error message is caused by a not installed [ReferredPagesPlugin], sorry.You can remove it from the InfoContent.jsp to get rid of the  error. I will remove it from the next upload. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
;:I also saw the LeftMenu issue on IE. Don't know yet what it is -- on Safari and Firefox it's pretty stable. Some other fixes in IE are planned soon: search-menu-box position is wrong, Attachement viewer doesnt stay inside its box. Additionally, windows firefox chokes on the ''webdings'' font I'm using in the [BrushedTemplateQuickLinks] -- need to find a way around it. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
;:Documentation: what about the pages starting with Brushed* ;-) I hope the rest of the .jsp and .js is self-documenting but in case -- drop your questions in the [BrushedTemplateDiscussion] --[DF|DirkFrederickx]

* new upload 1 Oct 05 with some fixes --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
** for IE: #Bottom anchor corrected
** for IE: added DIV around input to get the search-menu properly lined up
** call to tablesort.js added to commonheader.jsp to support [TablePlugin]
   Still to do: some page-load functionality to insert table-sort calls in each wiki table
** for Firefox/Win: webdings are not known by Firefox on windows,
   they are now replaced with common xml entities instead of fantasy fonts
** for IE: refactor [BrushedTemplateAttachmentViewer] so ie and opera are happy 
   (they dont understand maxWidth properties - blub)
** focus on first visible field at page load
** on/off switches in user prefs for showing quicklinks and showing calendar
** added link to the Home page in the pageactions
** other minor clean-ups
I am running the version uploaded on 1-Oct-05 under 2.2.33. The problem mentioned above with the left menu disappearing still exists, it seems related to a problem saving userpreferences in cookies. When I save my userpreferences only the username is actually saved, all the other settings do not make it into the cookie, therefore when you close the browser (IE) and come back in, your settings are lost and the left menu does not show up as no skin is selected.\\
Here is the complete contents of my Cookie:\\*\\
This is the only cookie created, is there supposed to more information in this cookie, or is there supposed to be a second cookie created?\\
This is using Weblogic 8.1 and IE 6.0.2800 under Windows XP.\\
-- 03-Oct-2005 [tewr]

;:The current version has some tweeks - sorry. Did some more testing on Win/IE and I expect to upload a new version soon in which I solved the disappearing left-menu problem. (it has to do with the position:absolute setting of the favorites block which you need to be replaced by a float:left -- all in the vanillaskin.css) -- [DF|DirkFrederickx]

The cookie problem seems to be something different though - I cannot save preferences under IE as described above.\\
-- 04-Oct-2005 [tewr]
;:Tnx for this info - indeed the cookie setting seems to be ok during an ie session; once you've closed and restarted ie the settings are lost. I assume this has to do with the expiration time of the cookie. I will further investigate. \\The additional user-prefs are saved in a new cookie called "~JSPWikiUserPrefs"; the last 10 recent searches are saved in new a cookie called "~JSPWikiSearchBox"; the native JSPWiki cookie is called "~JSPWikiUserProfile"  --[DF|DirkFrederickx]

Is there a way to force the skin that will be used, instead of having a user select it? -- Greg
;: Make a change to the ~commonheader.jsp so that the ''prefSkinName'' points to your default skin. The same applies to all other UserPreferences. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]

* new upload 5 Oct 05 with some fixes --[DF|DirkFrederickx]
** IE Tabs css clean up (top-border of tabs now always visible - problem caused by funny box-model of ie) 
** IE left-menu hide & seek resolved
** cookies now survive browser restart (tnx ...)
** brushed skin clean up
** IE crashed on the focus() call: remove for now

Webdings is a Windows font and not available on all platforms - at least on Solaris. So all quick2* links look very strange.  Could this be fixed ?  17-Oct-2005 -- Alexander
;: Plse take the latest download, which uses standard html entities instead of the webdings font. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]