!!! v.2.1.x change log

This is the changelog of versions v2.1.x of the [BrushedTemplate]
[{TableOfContents }]

! 6th upload 
** added [BrushedTemplateKeyboardShortcuts] so you now have single key access to  
   the main wiki functions ! (with tooltips revealing the shortcut key)
** added [Lucene Help] file as separate tab in the FindPage screen 
** several javascript fixes
*** fixed focus functionality of html controls
*** bug fix in [BrushedTemplateCollapse] so default closed bullets are rendered properly
*** improved [ZebraTableStyle] supporting any color setting
** improved [BrushedTemplateRoundedCorners] with suport for color names
** much work on main and skin css, shifting look&feel stuff into the skin.css
*** Vanilla skin lined up with latest changes of the default JSPWiki template
*** Extra Vanilla skin lined up with lots of stuff from another great wiki ;-))
*** Brushed skin todo
*** Qute skin (with icon buttons and rounded corners) todo
*** ...
*** logo (with mouse hover) now configurable through css
** synched up with several improvements inside JSPWiki :
   [BrushedTemplateAttachementViewer] is now more robust, the Recent Searches menu simplified, ...
** page-actions extended with buttons for Home page, Index page and Recent Changes page.
   Most page-actions now have tooltips.
   TODO: need to update the screenshots !
** Fixed bug in breadcrumbs
** Check other browers:
*** OS-X: Safari (ok), Firefox (.), Opera (.)
*** WIN: IE (.), Firefox (.)

! 5th upload -- stable (1 nov 2005)
** fixed tabs for firefox on windows
** fixed edit screenbump on firefox in windows
** Fixed Find&Replace bug in combination with [BrushedTemplateEditSections]
** Still need to work to beautify the included skins.
** Tested on IE Win (seems ok now), Firefox win(ok), Opera OS-x (ok), Firefox OS-X (ok) and Safari.
** Experimentational, totally useless but nice looking:
   added [roundedCorners|BrushedTemplateRoundedCorner] ; still needs to include
   some stuff to render the base template divs at startup according to some skin settings 

! 4th upload (23 oct 2005)
** refactored [BrushedTemplateCollapse] : default works with html entities,
   example added for collapsable list with bullet images; 
   seems also to work nicely around a table-of-contents.
** add [BrusedTemplateSortable] to have sorting on all wiki-tables
** jspwiki_print.css updated inline with [JSPWiki Stylesheet Design]
** included suggestion from [KieronWilkinson] to improve [BrushedTemplateEditSections]

! 3rd upload
** IE Tabs css cleaned up
** IE left-menu hide & seek resolved
** cookies now survive browser restart (tnx ...)
** brushed skin clean up
** active tab top border disappers in all skins on IE Win
** [BrushedTemplateCollapse] refactored : now also working on personal Favorites and ... 
   the ~TableOfContents.
** removed focus handling -- crashes on ie

! 2nd upload
** for IE: #Bottom anchor corrected
** for IE: added DIV around input to get the search-menu properly lined up
** call to tablesort.js added to commonheader.jsp to support [TablePlugin]
   Still to do: some page-load functionality to insert table-sort calls in each wiki table
** for Firefox/Win: webdings are not known by Firefox on windows,
   they are now replaced with common xml entities instead of fantasy fonts
** for IE: refactor [BrushedTemplateAttachmentViewer] so ie and opera are happy 
   (they dont understand maxWidth properties - blub)
** focus on first visible field at page load
** on/off switches in user prefs for showing quicklinks and showing calendar
** added link to the Home page in the pageactions
** other minor clean-ups

! 1st upload
** on 25 Sep 05, with 3 skins. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]

!! v2.1.86 change log

* second upload of the template, with some additional javascript/css stuff. --[DF|DirkFrederickx] May 04
* Zip was uploaded today. Should be ok on IE.
  \\--[DF|DirkFrederickx] 19 Jun 2004
* New zip uploaded with [find and replace|BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace] function in the Edit page.
  Bugfix in the InfoContent.jsp.
  \\--[DF|DirkFrederickx] 21 Jun 2004
* next upcomming upload ...\\
  Bugfix in Extra Vanilla skin (white color not visible on white background)\\
  Find&Replace: fix support for {{^}} and {{$}} in RegExp; other bugfixes\\
  Reorganised skins into separate directories, with related images included. It's now more easy to
  add/remove skins to the template\\
  Added a skin with icons\\
  -- [DF|DirkFrederickx] July 2004