v.2.3.x - v2.4.x change log#

This is the changelog of version v2.2.x-v2.4.x of the BrushedTemplate

16th upload on x Oct 06: based on v2.4.62 -- use latest brushed-v2.4.x.zip (stable)#

15th upload on x Sep 06: based on v2.4.54 -- use brushed-v2.4.x.zip (stable) #

  • Change Note also added to the PageInfo tab (supported since v2.4.54)
  • Refactored Attachment Viewer page, with list and picture view; and support for attachment deletion.
  • Find page addition: for easy searching for authors, pages, attachs or contents.
  • BUGFIX Editor dropdown fixed in the comment page (not only in IE) and edit page (IE only)
  • BUGFIX GROUP tab had javascript error due to 'action' attribute.
  • Improved Sortable added IP-address sorting. (tx to Joseph Schmigel)
  • Improved diff-formatting for Contextual Diff provider

14th upload on 5 Sep 06: based on v2.4.46 -- use v2.4.x (stable)#

  • When viewing older version, a Version dropdown is added. (similar to Diff.jsp)
  • Open/Close collapse wrongly displayed on IE (tbc)
  • Printing of TabbedSection: all tabs inside the pagecontent are now printed; even the hidden tabs (some refactoring in TabbedSection javascript)
  • Added consistent prompting to the quick-navigation menu's to improve usability.
    • When clicking VIEW with no input, a prompt will ask you which page to view
    • When clicking EDIT with no input, a prompt will ask you which page to edit, default is this page
    • When clicking CLONE with no input, a prompt will ask you a new name for the cloned page
    • When clicking FIND with no input, a prompt will aks you which info to find
  • Change Note added to plain.jsp, and wikiwizard.jsp
  • Format of Recent Changes improved, including change-note

13th upload on 23 Aug 06: based on v2.4.32 -- use v2.4.x ( stable )

  • bugfix user-name becomes null when switching skins
  • bugifx pngfix doesnt adjust the height (not yet validated on ie)
  • bugfix attach-view throws js error
  • refactor brushed skin

12th upload on 18 Aug 06: based on v2.4.32 -- use v2.4.x ( stable )

This version needs JSPWiki-engine v2.4.26 or later: some parts use non-backwards compatible stuff from the wiki-engine.
Main changes :
  • Upgrade of the "GROUP editor" (tab inside preferences tab) so it is now compatible with latest GROUP changes, based on groupdatabase.xml.
  • Aligned with EditorManager of JSPWiki: BrushedTemplate is now 100% compatible with FCK and the cool WikiWizard wysiwyg editors. Read corresponding install pages how to add these editors. ( javascript of brushed has been updated to avoid namespace clashes with WikiWizard )

Other stuff

  • Print CSS now takes all formatting of the plain and skin css into account, for much better printing.
  • BUGFIX: LUCENE errors removed when searching for emtpy strings.
  • Quick navigation now cleans the wikiname punctations before viewing or editing a page. This works around and old JSPWIKI-Engine bug which shows null revision-info at the bottom of the page when the pagename contains special chars such as %20 etc.
  • BUGFIX MyFavorites are working again. Apparently username may contains spaces, which are not accepted by the TEST and INSERTPAGE plugins. Now makes a call to cleanLink.

11th upload : based onf v2.4.13 -- use v2.4.13-3aug06

Improved Metadata editor, extra stuff for graphbars and several small fixes
  • Brushed Template Metadata Editor has been simplified. (see new screenshots) Additionally, checkout Default Metadata which allows to define easily default metadata on your wiki
  • BrushedTemplateGraphBar now supports mulitple nested graphbars with graphBars<name> and gBAR<name>. Also, bars inside tables are now smarter; so you can omit gBar tags.
  • PageInfo: the DELETE button is disabled in case the page still has attachements -- since this seems to generate a wiki-engine error
  • Other stuff:
    • The attach and info tabs are suppressed in case the page doesnt exist
    • Improved ExtraVanilla skin
    • Improved OrderedList skin (really cool)
    • Upload.jsp: add link back to View.jsp
    • Suppress Edit quick-links when no edit permission
    • Diff.jsp: link to >>view-first-change should only be visible with appropriate diff engine
    • BUGFIX: BrushedTemplateCategories popups are now correctly positioned and stable (also in firefox)
    • BUGFIX support multiple filter tables on one page (similar to multiple sortables)

10th upload : based onf v2.4.13 -- use v2.4.13-26jul06.zip#

This version has lots of new stuff -- plse check out and feedback feedback
  • Resolved dislay of page-links to hidden sections.
    Several features in this template allow you to hide information (tabbedsections; collapsebox; etc) and only open it when needed. However, when you click a link which directly navigates to such a hidden section of a page (eg clicking a TOC link) the section remained hidden. Bad. Not any-longer; the template will detect when this happens, make the section visible and scroll the page to it.
  • EDIT functionality :
    • Overview and navigation of all page-sections has been moved to the Favorites bar (left or right) ! So you get a amuch better overview of the structure of your wiki page while in edit. Great to navigate around in larger pages. See BrushedTemplateEditSections
    • FIND/REPLACE can now also work on a the part of text which is selected. See See BrushedTemplateToolbar and BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace
    • Toolbar has been extended with color popups. See BrushedTemplateToolbar
    • BUGFIX: toolbar stability has greatly improved by moving from onclick events to onmousedown events.
  • %%closedCollapseBox now also supports a default CLOSED state. See BrushedTemplateCollapseBox
  • The default Info tab now only shows the standard information of page versions. Clicking More-Info will reveal additional shows metadata, and actually retrieve each version. (check out InfoTab.jsp if you dont want that behaviour)
  • See BrushedTemplateGraphBars for many extentions on the graph-bar functionality. You get more colors, different types of bars and vertical bars.
  • Refactored cookie tokenizer in commonheader.jsp to make it more robust. I hope Jetty doesnt complain anymore.
  • Refactored the way the default preferences are handled. When you choose different default preferences you only need to change commonheader.jsp. There is no more need to change the brushed.js as well. Thus, much easier to change your default skin, time&date format and so on. Just modify commonheader.jsp
  • The brushed now has also support for multiple file-uploads in one go. This means you can select multiple files to be uploaded, and then press make an upload.
  • Several small enhancements on the skin.css's (calendar view, etc.)

9th upload : based on v2.4.13 -- use v2.4.13-8jul06.zip#

  • rework of BrushedTemplateEditSections and BrushedTemplateToolbar so they better coexist
  • many adjustments for better compatibility with IE
  • added support for transparent PNG's for IE () based on trick from Angus Turnbull
  • included spin-gif as visual indication of AJAX background functions (ref find)
  • several bugfixes (fixed preview, focus got lost which made ie crash, etc.)

8th upload : based on v2.4.13 -- use v2.4.13-28jun06.zip#

  • metadata editor included, EXPERIMENTAL
  • toolbar for editor : BrushedTemplateToolbar : ok on OSX, FIREFOX
  • bugfixes : removing nested " in jsp's to be able to run on eg weblogic
  • commented all features which need extras (such a FCK editor ref, non-standard plugins etc)
  • tested on OS-X(safari, firefox), more testing on Windows needed (Firefox and IE6.0)

7th upload : based on v2.4.2 (6 Jun 06) -- use v2.4.2-27may06.zip#

  • tested on OS-X(safari, firefox), Windows (Firefox and IE6.0)
  • several bugfixes : see BrushedTemplateDiscussion
  • runs on tomcat, weblogic

6th upload : based on v2.4.2 (May 06) -- use v2.4.2-27may06.zip#

  • support combination of sorted-tables and filtered-tables
  • BrushedTemplateClonePage
  • Improved Find Page, with checkbox for search details (AJAX driven) and better pagination support (with links to first, previous, next, last, all)
  • AJAX driven quick search menu : start typing in the search box, and you'll get immediate the top-20 matches.
  • Improved Info tab, with pagination bar similar as in the Find Page
  • Improved Attach tab
  • brushed.js aligned with prototype.js (v.1.4.0)
  • small tweaks of jspwiki.css
  • Added %%category JSPWikiStyle (AJAX driven). See BrushedTemplateCategories
  • TODO; test this thing on IE -grrr

5th upload : based on v2.3.99 (April 06)#

4rd upload : based on v2.3.72 (end Jan 06) -- not backwards compatible with older wiki versions!#

3rd upload : based on v2.3.61#

2nd upload : based on v2.3.61 (end dec 05)

Minor changes to line up with latest v2.3 release
  • Refactored handling for base parameters from jsp to js, like username, baseurl
  • Synchornised the format of the brushed jspwiki.css with JSPWiki's .css
  • Resolved double submit problem : once you click a submit button, the button is now deactivated to prevent a second submit. This avoid unexpected behaviour like double login clicks, doulbe edit clicks, etc. Even clicking the back button will not allow you to make additional edits ;-)
  • Refactored timezone implementation: you can now set an offset versus the timezone of the JSPWiki server in the user-preferences.
  • Highlight-word bugfix : sometimes the js was crashing in case the text contained xml elements.
  • Updated screenshots of template and skins.
  • PageInfo refactored
  • Skin names are listed based on listSkins(), instead of hard-coded
  • TODO :orderlist skin
  • TODO :metadata editor

1st upload : based on v2.3.45 ! Nov 27, 05#

Looks pretty stable, although the authentication stuff needs further burn in. This update contains a rather substantial rework: incorporation of all authentication stuff from v2.3.45 (login/logout/register/new-groups : it is all supported ) as well as several simplications from the gui (moved attachments and info as a tab on each page). Some other goodies are added too (see FindPage and Diff screens...)
  • Prefs (user preferences) now contains tabs for UserPrefs, User Profile and New Groups
  • A new page-actions is added for Login/Logout: it displays with the name of the logged in user.
    • The Login window has same TABbed look and feel
    • The Register New User is another TAB on the same screen
  • Attachment stuff removed from page-actions : both upload and preview are now part of the Attach TAB, the attachment count is displayed in the TAB header
  • Page Info stuff removed from page-actions and put in Info TAB. This Info TAB contains brief info links with incoming and outgoing links and rename and delete buttons. (so now immediately available on every screen ) A more-info button is added which brings you to the good-old PageInfo screen with version-history details, but also an overview of all page links (incoming, outgoing, external, attachment)
  • DIFF page has become a bit more smarter : you can now select, with the help of some dropdowns ANY combination of versions you would like to compare. All from within the DIFF screen.
  • FIND Page has been extended with a dropdown for selecting larger sets of search results instead of the standard max 20 results. You can select results sets in blocks of 20.
  • css
    • fixed format of dl/dt/dd
    • standard formatting for wikiforms gives a more consistent view
    • from the user-preferences, you can select your prefered editor: plain wiki markup or javascript based WYSIWYG. Highly experimental - seems to work on firefox - but seems to lack the SAVE button. (probably fixed in v2.3.47)
... and so on :-) Enjoy and feedback.

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