This version of the BrushedTemplate is still compatible with JSPWiki v2.4.x but not with v2.6.x. Although development on the version of the template started on JSPWiki v2.5.x, it was abandoned after the decision to include it as the default template of JSPWiki from v2.6 onwards.

Moreover, as the API's of JSPWiki have further evolved, this version of the BrushedTemplate is NOT compatible anymore with JSPWiki v2.6.x, although the name of this page indicates otherwise !!

Also note that the default template of JSPWiki v.2.6.x has further evolved and additional features have been included, not present in the BrushedTemplate. So, if you are on v2.6.x, most of the template features (and more) are already available to you.
--DF, 20 July 2008

v2.5.x Change Log#

This is the change log of version v2.5 of the BrushedTemplate

2nd upload of v2.5.x-v2.4.6 - 15 April 2006 -- for early adopters#

  • improved editor javascript stability
  • zebra-tables also compatible with filtered tables
  • smaller fixes

First upload of v2.5.x-v2.4.6 - 10 April 2006 -- for early adopters#

This version of BrushedTemplate is still compatible with v2.4.x. The final move to v2.5.x is not yet done.

  • brushed.js switched to Mootools Javascript Library, v1. Rework is still ongoing. mootools is small, very fast, with excellent cross-browser support. It's a nice object oriented framework, with stuff for ajax, json, dom manipulation, visual effects, ... And did I tell you, it is faaast ;-) brushed.js is now smaller, but has lots of stuff added.
  • Table Sorting and filtering is now much faster, due to a built-in table cache. Also added support for currency data-type.
  • Added BrushedTemplateColumns for newspaper layouting
  • Added decent support for weblog !
    • When viewing a blogentry (click permalink) all related comments are shown below the blogentry. Links are added for adding additional comments.
    • When adding comments, the 'Discussion page' tab will show the original blogentry. All other comments are shown as well in the edit page, below the input textarea.
  • I18N Localisation of strings: hooks are in with localised strings comming via commonheader.jsp
  • BUGFIX funny floating of TOC on IE.
  • Added ChangeNotes to the upload table of attachments !!
  • Simplified Upload box.
  • Default hide select box of editor to 'enhance' slow browsers

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