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When using a wiki in larger teams, you quickly run into the need to to define template wiki pages for certain common types of information. (such as Ideas, Bugs, Use Cases, Projects, etc.)

WikiForms is one solution for this, but not that easy to get started. Cloning an existing page is much simpler and provides a quick start for editing new pages.

The BrushedTemplate now has a new clone link in the quick-menus. (inside the search menu popup at the top left of the screen)

  1. Move your mouse pointer to the search field and click the clone link
  2. You are prompted for the name of the new page.
  3. Enter the name and confirm with OK
  4. The new page is opened in the JSPWiki editor. Instead of an empty page, you will see the contents of the previous page, from where you clicked the clone.
You can as well directly enter the name of the new page in the search input box, click the clone link and you are directly in edit mode. (no prompting)

As a precaution, the cloning function will only be executed when creating new pages.

--DF, May 2006

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