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CollapseBox is an extension of Collapsable Lists and included in the BrushedTemplate.
It provides collapsable boxes : when closed only the title of the box is visible; when opened the complete box becomes visible. A open/close icon will be shown at the right edge of the box, indicating the status of the box.

This is very convenient for info in pages like LeftMenu, LeftMenuFooter, your <username>Favorites, and so on.

--DF, Nov 05


  ! Title of the box
  Here is the body of the box
  * item 1
  * item 2

Reality check:


Here is the body of the box
  • item 1
  • item 2


See BrushedTemplateCollapse

After the js has processed the html, following structure is rendered, which should give you enough freedom for css hacking :

  <div collapsebox>
    <h3>Some title<div class="collapseOpen">&laquo;</div></h3>
    <div class="collapsebody">
      ... rest of the box

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