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CollapseBox is an extension of Collapsable Lists and included in the BrushedTemplate.
It provides collapsable boxes : when closed only the title of the box is visible; when opened the complete box becomes visible. A open/close icon will be shown at the right edge of the box, indicating the status of the box.

This is very convenient for info in pages like LeftMenu, LeftMenuFooter, your <username>Favorites, and so on.

--DF, Nov 05, Jul 06


  ! Title of the box
  Here is the body of the box
  * item 1
  * item 2

Reality check:

Title of the box#

Here is the body of the box
  • item 1
  • item 2

When you can append -closed, the box will be rendered closed by default (Jul 06)

  ! Title of the box
  I should be closed buy default

Reality check: (nok on

Title of the box#

I should be closed buy default


See BrushedTemplateCollapse

After the js has processed the html, following structure is rendered, which should give you enough freedom for css hacking. When you click the collapseOpen button, the css-style changes to collapseClose.

  <div class="collapsebox">
    <h3>Some title<div class="collapseOpen">&laquo;</div></h3>
    <div class="collapsebody">
      ... rest of the box

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