BrushedTemplate is compatible with JSPWiki up to and including version v2.4. Please check the download tab to see which template versions match with which JSPWiki version.

Starting from JSPWiki v2.6, major parts of the BrushedTemplate have been included in the default template of JSPWiki. Therefore there is no need for further development of the BrushedTemplate. Please note that due to some changes inside the JSPWiki APIs, the BrushedTemplate is not compatible with v2.6 or later.
--DF, 20 July 2008

Brushed Template Discussion#

Add your bugs, comments, questions, suggestions related to the BrushedTemplate in this page

Reorganised the page, putting some old stuff in an archive. (this was too much of a chaos) --DF Mar 07

Archive in Brushed Template Discussion 2006

Brushed Template Discussion - From 4Q2006 till now...#

This template looks great! It works well in the latest JSPWiki version (2.4.72), except for the Group Admin functions - it always selects the Admin group. When I need to manage users, I change my wiki to use the default template, but it requires me to restart TomCat. Does anyone know how to use the default template for just a few pages? Something like Template="default"

--Ric Johnson, 01-Nov-2006

Can you be more specific on the problem with Admin Group ? The group manager (in Prefs) works fine on my installation.
BTW, you can not switch dynamically between templates without a restart of JSPWiki. Plse move this comment to BrushedTemplateDiscussion --DF

I agree with Ric, this template does look great. One problem that I've run into is that I never see a calendar when I check the Calendar checkbox on the User Preferences page. Any ideas? --DaveWolf, Jan. 04, 2006

Yep, you are right. Apparently, the code to generate the calendar was removed (miostakenly) from Favorites.jsp. Here it is, in case you wanna add it yourself. --DF
<%-- calendar stuff : only shown when showCalendar variable is set --%>
<% if( prefShowCalendar.equals("yes") ) { %>
<div class="collapsebox">
  <div align='center'>
  <wiki:Calendar pageformat="<%="\'"+pagename+"_blogentry_'ddMMyy'_1'"%>"
             monthurlformat="'Wiki.jsp?page=%p&weblog.startDate='ddMMyy'&weblog.days=%d'" />
<% } %>
Thanks, works great! --DaveWolf

One other question, the Typography doesn't seem to be working. I just set up a new Wiki (v2.4.87), running on Tomcat 5.5.20, on Fedora-2. The (c) isn't rendering the copyright mark. I've got the Typography checkbox checked. I guess I'm wondering if the yellow highlighting meant that it wasn't ready for prime time or just new. I see the code in the brushed.js file and it looks reasonable. Any ideas here? Thanks in advance! --DaveWolf
Well, partially figured it out (C) works (but (c) doesn't work) on pages other than the CopyrightNotice. --DaveWolf
Dave, which browser are you using? I noticed some browser incompats with the javascript. Especially SAFARI seems to suffer a lot. BTW, the yellow marker means it's a new feature recently added, so 'burn-in' is still reauired. Feedbacks like this one are much appreciated! --DF
Dirk, I'm running Firefox on a Powerbook OSX 10.4.8.
Mmm, cant reproduce this on OSX+FF. Seems to be working allright both for (C) as (c). --DF
Dirk, I was a bit incorrect in my description above. Both (c) & (C) work in pages including CopyrightNotice -- when not displayed as a footer. However, when the CopyrightNotice is displayed in the footer the (c) & (C) are displayed. See the example here
AHA, Great catch. Indeed, the typography javascript only looks at the #pagecontent DIV, thus pagefooter, header, leftmenu are not touched. Need to fix that. --DF
That would be great. Thanks! --DaveWolf

I don't know if this falls into the BrushedTemplate issue category, but I'm running into a bothersome issue with the user profile values getting set appropriately. I've documented it as a bug. (updated)


I also installed this template, and it's great. Not only the look and feel is good, but lots of functionality is added.

One small error though : there seem to be missing two .png files, I see a lot of 404's in the httlog : - metskem [08/Jan/2007:11:27:33 +0100] "GET /templates/brushed/images/arrow_redo.png HTTP/1.1" 404 1072 - metskem [08/Jan/2007:11:27:33 +0100] "GET /templates/brushed/images/arrow_undo.png HTTP/1.1" 404 1072

Could you add these to the download zip ?

thanks !

--HarryMetske, 08-Jan-2007

Tx for pointing out. There is an err in jspwiki.css, which is pointing wrongly to these gifs for #tbUndo and #tbRedo. Remove those lines are no more 404's. --DF

Dirk, I did some testing with 2.4.91 combined with the BrushedTemplate, and the following error pops up:

JSPWiki has detected an error *Error Message*

  - Attempt to post from a different IP address than where the page was originally fetched.
  - An unknown error was caught by Error.jsp

It can be solved by adding the following in the brushed/editors/plain.jsp (thanks to Janne):

<input name="addr" type="hidden" value="<%=request.getRemoteAddr()%>" />

Could you update that in the distribution zipfile ?

thanks, Harry Metske

--HarryMetske, 30-Jan-2007

Will be included in the next upload. --DF

Love this template. Once significant problem though. Whenever I upload a file, I get a 404 error like this one:

"HTTP Status 404 - Attachment 'Upload.jsp', version -1 does not exist."

This is from the jspwiki log:

2007-02-09 13:36:04,376 [http-8080-Processor24] INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.BasicAttachmentProvider Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/StagingServer - Saving attachment contents to C:\wiki_content\StagingServer-att\portlet-1_0-fr-spec.pdf-dir\4.pdf
2007-02-09 13:36:04,454 [http-8080-Processor24] INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.attachment.AttachmentServlet Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/StagingServer - User [WikiPrincipal (wikiName): MarcElliott] uploaded attachment to StagingServer called portlet-1_0-fr-spec.pdf, size -1
2007-02-09 13:36:04,470 [http-8080-Processor25] INFO com.ecyrd.jspwiki.attachment.AttachmentServlet Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/Upload.jsp Sofware Wiki:http://nahqappldev18:8080/wiki/attach/Upload.jsp - Attachment 'Upload.jsp', version -1 does not exist.
I don't get this error from the default template. The attachment does actually go through if I navigate back to the page after the 404 is thrown. Is anyone else experiencing this?

--MarcElliott, 09-Feb-2007

Great template.
Unfortunatly there are big problems with IE7.
Hope there is a fixing soon.

Best wishes Christof Hurst 22/02/07

Known Bugs in IE7#

Pls see attached screenshots with different Skins.
A heavy bug is, tha you can not add Members to groups. The selected group will be shown active, you can add a member, but nothing is saved. Further questions to Chris Hurst


Chris, tx for the screenshots. Several skins look ok, are they also functioning well? (smart, orderedList, extraVanilla ) Seems that brushed and qute skins are terribly broken. (probably too much ie6 hacks hehe) --DF

The brushed template is VERY IMPRESSING. Most hints on this page are very useful. Unfortunatly I'm not able to integrate the FCK editor. Does anyone know how to manage it? --BFT 08-Mar-07

I've once integrated with FCK, some year back. Without much problems. What kind of issues are your facing ? --DF

Well I've done both steps explained in section JSPWiki 2.4.x on the page How To Manually Integrate FCK Editor. I also put the xercesImpl.jar into the right directory. But now, when I edit a page and want to switch the Editor, there's no possibility to select the FCK editor. --BFT 09-Mar-07

FCKeditor integration does not work in JSPWiki 2.4. It's only available in JSPWiki 2.5 at this time and only with the default template. The FCKeditor integration page has been updated to reflect this information. --David Au 09-Mar-07

Once more a question according to this great template: is it possible to combine a zebra-table with a table-filter ? (FYI: zebra-table combined with sortable works fine!) --FCB 10-Apr-07

Hi, I tried the latest release of Brushed Template:

It's so nice and I quite like it! It's much better than previous version:

However, there is probably a bug when editing a new page: nothing (i.e. texts) could be saved even just input a lot in editing box. But the 'comment' works well! Is this happening as a common thing or I got something set wrong?


Better support for images with reflection effect

  • if image is big, it will float over the text box. Should the text add the corresponding scroll bar to enclose the whole image?

Default hide select box of editor to 'enhance' slow browsers

  • how to get metadata editor back, like in version

passwd reset page got two jspwiki log gifs!

--jsun, 11-Apr-2007

Tx for the fast feedback. In my setup both editor and metadata are working perfectly. Can you tell me which browser you are using? --DF

Hi DF, I am using firefox 2.0 on fedora 4. The jspwiki version is v2.4.102, Tomcat container v5.5.23 (jre: 1.5.0_11-b03)

  • It is probable that images reflection effect is not working well, as the layout is fine when put a image (1024x324) on the page without reflection effect. However, the image will float out the text box if applied reflection. (See: overfloat(info) & overfloat(info))
  • 'edit' is not working at all (on every skins).

-- For example, I put some texts in editing box, not matter I click 'save' or 'preview', there is nothing on the page! After I save it and click 'edit' again, I got always blank in editing box. However, 'comment' works well.

  • fade effects on the quick search menu dropdown is ok!
  • slide in/out effects on collapsable lists and collapsable boxes

-- It seems only working on 'plain vanilla' skin. On other skins, it is keeping slide in (ie. couldn't slide out anymore if clicking it to slide in)

  • The layout need to adjust as some texts are mixed together on the page (see ), I use 1280x1024 desktop
  • the fast editing tool is not working as well on my machine.

-- For example, if I click 'Horizontal ruler' or 'background color', there is no responses on editing box. But this works on previous release of brushed template.

  • how to show editor and metadata box besides the main editing box?

-- There is only main editing box on the page if I click 'edit' (see: metadata BOX(info))

  • passwd reset page need better layout (I got two jspwiki log)

-- (see reset pass page(info))

--jsun, 11-Apr-2007

JSUN, great screenshots, tx! Here is some info which I hope is useful for you. The editor extra stuff (like metadata) is not functioning because the javascript doesnt get properly initialised. Can you plse get a trace of javascript errors in FF ? (use Tools|Error Console or if you have FireBug) I will do additional investigation to make the editor fallback properly when no js is running. Second, the large pictures getting out of bounds of the screen is normal. This was the case previously as well. With reflection however, the size gets fixed to the size of the picture at startup. Currently I have no dynamic resizing implemented, which is overkill I think. Third, the ResetPassword bug is normal -- I never tested that flow ;-) Anyway, with the current JSPWiki setup I can't fix this in the template -- the issue is in the top level JSP LostPassword.jsp. I will flag this to Janne to fix this. --DF
JSUN, Plse try out the download of 15 April 2007. It is expected to fix the issues with the editor and metadata editor. Also the zebra style on filter tables is now possible --DF 15 April 2007

Once again a humble question according to this great template: is it possible to combine a zebra-table with a table-filter ? (FYI: zebra-table combined with sortable works fine!) --FCB 16-Apr-07

Mmm, this should be ok with latest update, of 15 April 07. FilterTables are now filtering with zebra-stripes. At least on my machine. Can you send an example ? --DF

Well I am running JSPWiki v2.4.102 with brushed-v2.4.x on IE6. I already tried to update to brushed-v2.5.x without success. Maybe the newer version works only with JSPWiki v2.5.x. Here is a screenshot of the described problem: --FCB 18-Apr-07

Follow-up on the previous question: what is the recommended version of JSPWiki to go with the latest version of BrushedTemplate, 2.4.102 or 2.5.x? -- NascifAbousalhNeto 25-Apr-2007

The latest versions was developed on 2.4.102. But it also runs happily on hte 2.5.x. Sory for the confusion. --DF

I'm running in to an issue with version brushed-V2.4.x-24nov06 running on JSPWiki 2.4.100.

When someone attempts to add a comment to a page, the receive an error:

JSPWiki has detected an error

Error Message

        * Attempt to post from a different IP address than where the page was originally fetched.
        * An unknown error was caught by Error.jsp

Place where detected
    org.apache.jsp.Error_jsp._jspService(), line 109

If you have changed the templates, please do check them. This error message may show up because of that. If you have not changed them, and you are either installing JSPWiki for the first time or have changed configuration, then you might want to check your configuration files. If you are absolutely sure that JSPWiki was running quite okay or you can't figure out what is going on, then by all means, come over to and tell us. There is more information in the log file (like the full stack trace, which you should add to any error report).

I have confirmed that this only exists in the brushed template set. I simply flipped the template definition to the default templates and the comments work fine.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need anymore info, I can provide whatever I can.


--Christopher Fitch, 14-May-2007

Please make sure following line is in your editor/plain.jsp. If you have the latest brushed template that should be fine. Probably you are still using an older copy. --DF
  <input type="hidden" name="addr" value="<%=request.getRemoteAddr()%>" />
That resolved it. I was running the 2.4.x version. I need to post my skins I created for the templates. They include no major changes. I just modified some of the existing skins to add different layouts that involve a left menu vs a right menu, etc. Thanks! --Christopher Fitch

There is also more to see in this known bug

--HarryMetske, 14-May-2007

Dirk on Sep 2005 you wrote about your Brushed Template CSS wiki page " (this page needs some rework - based on the latest .css of brushed)" I'm offering my help to help you document and test on different browsers. Interested? // The documentation at Brushed Template CSS wiki page and the discussions on Wikipage IdeaCSSCleanupAndChanges were of great interest to me.// I think that it may be worse while to create a css framework whlie you are at it as described here: css framework

--CFJune 28th, 2007

I just found a minor problem in brushed.js: the "edit section" link in the quick links does work properly if something other than DefaultURLConstructor is used. (JSPWiki v2.4.102, Besides that: impressive work!

--Torsten Hildebrandt, 29-Jun-2007

The Collapse doen´t work right with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. The collapsed pages are not hidden, so you can still see them. Thats quiet ugly :((

I have putted two pictures in two attachments.

Menu not collapsed .jpg Menu collapsed (looks bad).jpg

The one is not collapsed and looks good, the other is collapsed and looks bad.

Is there a way to make it run well on MS Explorer 6 ?

thank you Tracer7

--Tracer7, 31-Jul-2007

Which version of JSPWiki & BrushedTemplate are you running ? --DF


I am using JSPWiki-2.4.102.

I tried two template Versions:

BrushedTemplate/brushed-v2.4<br> BrushedTemplate/brushed-v2.5

Both show the same problem !

The brushed Template seems very good, but that little Prolem makes it almost impossible to use. Maybe the problem are cookies, but I have erased all of them.

If there is a way to overcome that problem, that would be great.

thank you Tracer

--AnonymousCoward, 02-Aug-2007


There is one more thing, with the template and the problem with the collapsing menu:

In the MS I-Explorer the menu first looks bad, when one menu-point is collapsed. But when I press the Reload-Button and the page is realoaded, the Menu looks ok.

--Tracer, 02-Aug-2007


How does the Brushedtemplate work with you ? Does it work with Microsoft Internet Explorer ?

thank you Tracer

--Tracer, 03-Aug-2007

Hi Tracer. Although the template is developed on mainly Safari and FF, I'm actually using it also in an IE-only context. With success. I have experienced in the past issues with the collapsable lists, just like you are showing in the attached images, but they were all resolved in the latest Brushed version. But apparently not :-(
Use the v2.5.x even if you are running v2.4.x JSPWiki ) The problem is completely caused by the CSS, so you just need some tweaking of jspwiki.css to solve this problem. I hope this helps you a bit. --DF

Hallo Dirk

Thank you for the answer, I will work on the CSS-File. But, can´t you attach here your working css-file ?

thanks Tracer

--AnonymousCoward, 03-Aug-2007

--- Hallo DH

which version is it, that works the collapses fine with Internet Explorer ?

thank you

--Tracer, 15-Aug-2007

Hello Tracer

The version is

--Regards DH


How to enable OSCache?#

Can anyone explain, how to enable the OSCache for brushed template? I already checked out the page UsingOSCacheWithJSPWiki but without success.

thank you muc, 07-09-07

Slow Tables#

Hi, I am using JSPWiki v2.4.102 and and love it. The only issue I have is that pages with really long tables are taking a long time to display. The amount of items in the table could have up to 100 items in it. This is painful to the point where it is stopping the application being deployed outside of the test environment. Any chance of a fix or suggestion to speed it up? Thanks.

AO. 12-Sep-2007

I funny your tables are rendering slow. You can experience some delay when doing a first sort or filtering of a table, cause of javascript running in your browser. However, ordinary tables should not suffer from that. --DF

Can't login#

I have a private wiki I use for documenting my work. There is only one user (me) and permissions are very simple: anyone can login and logged in users have permission to do everything. This works fine with the default template but when I change the template setting to brushed in the file I can't log in.

I'd like to use this template ... any ideas?

-- PaulDyson

This is very strange, as no extra permission checks are in the brushed template. Which version of JSPWiki are you running -- the BrushedTemplate is only compatible with JSPWiki upto v2.4.x --DF, 20 July 2008

In 2.8.1 the plain default template does not have the colour selectors in the editor buttons , Is there (or can someone add this) fix for this in that distribution?

--AnonymousCoward, 26-Feb-2009 17:52

Also 'Extra Vanilla' was nice but its not in 2.8.1

--AnonymousCoward, 26-Feb-2009 17:53

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