!!! Edit Sections

This page describes some [BrushedTemplate] add-on to the ''editor/plain.jsp'' allowing you to zoom in on parts of a page during edit.
This is especially useful when editing large pages or 
when you want to scroll quickly to the desired section of a page in editing mode. 

--[DF|DirkFrederickx] , version 2 included, should work better on ie, improved focus handling. %%(background:yellow;)Version of Jul06 moves the
section selector to the left part of the screen (in the favorites block) so you get a better page overview.%%

[editsections-all.jpg] [editsections-usage.jpg]

It is also possible to [jump directly|BrushedTemplateSectionQuickLinks] to the correct edit section while viewing the page. 
This functionality is inspired on the way things are done at [Wikipedia|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents].

!! Usage 

All page sections, i.e. headers, prefixed by !,  !! or !!!.

By selecting one of the sections, the textarea of the edit page will be loaded with only that page section.
You can quickly jump from one section to another, or back to the whole page, by making a new selection.
The content of the dropdown list will be dynamically updated when adding, removing or changing section titles.

!! Discussion

!Java Script Error under IE

This is great, thanks. The only annoying thing I found with doing this way is that you get a Java Script error (under IE anyway) because the original (now hidden) edit box is set the focus, which I think is set in the <body> tag within the JSPWiki code. I guess the only way to fix this is to implement this functionality directly into JSPWiki itself.
 -- KieronWilkinson
;:Tnx for the comment. I added some onload stuff to make sure the focus is not lost. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]

!! Change History

!Version Oct 2005
Some refactoring done to encapsulate all javascript into the EditSection object.
It also makes the javascript trigger from the pageonload event which resolves some
incompatibilities in Safari. --[DF|DirkFrederickx]

!Version Jul 2006
* Some refactoring to better cooperate with [BrushedTemplateToolbar], [BrushedTemplateMetadataEditor] and [BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace].
* Moved the dropdown to the Favorites bar, so you always have the structure of your doc at a glance.

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Just in case you would want to make the skins IE7 compatible, the skins do not work properly in IE7.

--Blaxxun, 18-Sep-2006