This pages summarizes the features of the BrushedTemplate, compatible (at least) with v2.1.86. Some specific installation notes for this version are at the end of the page.

Features of BrushedTemplate , v2.1.86#

  • Drop Down Menu
    A menu is shown at the top of the page with drop down boxes.(.css based) There are drop down menu's for preferences (removed from the leftmenu), attachments, edit help information, the breadcrumb trail, page info etc.
    More navigation options are available on Edit and PageInfo screens. The list of attachement is always available as dropdown, even in the Edit page. The Add Attachement screen is not a popup anymore, but an ordinary wiki screen.

  • Preferences Menu with Skin selection
    The preferences menu has entries for the User Preferences, the Logon/Logout buttons and a Skin Selector.
    Several skins can be selected from this menu.
    A skin is a separate .css stylesheet inside the WikiTemplate directory. The selected skin is saved in a client-side cookie so it remains active during the browser session.
    This feature is javascript based.
    In order for skins to give maximum flexibility, most presentations related stuff is moved out of the JSP/HTML into the jspwiki.css. See also JSPWiki Stylesheet Design

  • Find Menu
    A list of the 10 most recent search commands is available as drop down beneath the searchbox.
    The findpage now also shows the search score by means of horizontal bars.
    A favicon is a mini logo which is shown next to the url in the address bar and bookmark list of recent browsers.

  • Tool Tips
    Several links now contain tooltips,
    <a href="" title="some too tip here">

    IDEA: It could be a nice extension to Wiki to support this feature when defining a link: e.g. [link-text|actual-link|link-tooltip]

  • Add Comments
    A menu is available to add comments, based on the existing but unused CommentContent.jsp.
    A comment template page, stored in CommentTemplate, is loaded automatically.

  • Edit
    The Edit help info at the bottom of the edit screen is moved into a dropdown menu to save screen space. The default textarea is somewhat bigger now.
    For IE, buttons are added to increase/decrease the size of the EDIT text area. (seems not to be supported by other browsers)

    The Find & Replace drop down menu was added for powerful replace operations, based on Regular Expressions.
  • Collapsable Lists
    You can turn ordinary lists into collapsable trees by enclosing them inside a %%collapse %% tag. I use it for the LeftMenu and long hierarchical trees of text.
    This feature is javascript driven.

  • Table Of Contents
    You can insert a table of contents, summarizing all headings of page by means of %%insert-toc %% tag. It provides quick access to all headings of the page. At each heading in the page, a back-to-top is inserted.
    This feature is javascript driven.

  • Zebra Tables
    It is useful to have alternate row coloring for large tables. You can achieve this by enclosing the table inside a %%zebra-table %% tag.
    This feature is .css driven.

  • List Tables
    Making tables is not always convenient with the standard Wiki markup based on | and ||. Especially when a table cell contains multiple paragraphs of text, markup, etc. it can be quite cumbersome.
    When you put a %%list-table %% around an ordinary list, it turns into a table.
    This feature is .css driven.

Installation notes#

  • PageDate TLD not correct : insert following lines in jspwiki.tld in the WEB-INF directory of your installation
     <bodycontent>JSP</bodycontent>  <!-- change! -->
     <attribute>                     <!-- insert missing lines -->



  • second upload of the template, with some additional javascript/css stuff. --DF Jun 04
  • Zip was uploaded today. Should be ok on IE.
    --DF 19 Jun 2004
  • New zip uploaded with find and replace function in the Edit page. Bugfix in the InfoContent.jsp.
    --DF 21 Jun 2004
  • MenuPageInfo.jsp does not work with current alpha 2.1.103.
    Something with the PageVersion and PageDate tags has changed.
    can be fixed by ommitting any attribute or tag-body.
    --SteveKwee 01 Oct 2004
    Alternative solution : read the Installation notes[2] to fix a TLD bug of JSPWiki in order to view the date format correctly. Your solutions of course is ok too. --DF 01 Oct 2004
  • InfoContent.jsp has unbalanced </wiki:PageType> on line 21 which results in a JSP error. Removing this line fixed it for me.
    --GrantGardner 9 Nov 2004

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