Web browsers typically support some basic find functionality. However, I needed in wiki Edit mode support for some more powerful find&replace functionality without going full wysiwyg.
The enclosed javascript does just that: it adds a Find&Replace toolbox to the Edit screen supporting global replace functions, regular expressions (with help) and Undo functionality.
--DF, Jun 2004
Updated Sep 2005 : toolbox is now fixed below the edit textarea, instead of a dropdown menu --DF

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  • You can perform global find and replace operations on the edit textarea.
  • (Jul 2006) find&replace is now also possible on a selection of your text; these are the steps to follow ...
    • first enter all find and replace parameters (find:, replace:, and the different checkboxes)
    • then, make your text selection
    • finally press Replace, et voila, only the matches inside the selected text are replaced
You can use meta-characters in the Find field:

. any character except newline + one or more times
* zero or more times ? zero or one time
{n} match exact n times {n,m} at least n, at most m times
| pipe: a|b matches a or b - hyphen, match a range of chars
^ beginning of a line $ end of a line
[...] one of the char's of a set [^...] negated character set
\b word boundary \B non word boundary
\d numeral [0-9] \D non numeral [^0-9]
\s single white space \S single non white space
\w [A-Za-z0-9_] \W [^A-Za-z0-9_]
(...) grouping are stored as $1..$9 \. escape a meta char

The Replace field can use $1..$9 as a backreference to parentheses of Find field.


Find /abc|def/ will match the word 'abc' or the word 'def'
Find /bwiki/b will match the word 'wiki' but not the word 'jspwiki'
Find ^[IVXMDCL]+\. will match any combination of roman numeral char's followed by a period
Find /(-?\d+)(\d{3})/ and replace with $1,$2 to insert commas in large integers.

This is the EditFindAndReplaceHelp page. More info on regular expressions and RegExp Sandbox

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Comments & Discussion#

--DF, 26 jun 2004
Added some regexp parameters to better support "^" and "$" metacharacters. Some other bug related to the undoMemory is also fixed.

--DF, Sep 2005
Major refactoring inline with latest update of BrushedTemplate

--DF, Jul 2006
Support Find&Replace on selection of text. Next to (multi-level) UNDO also REDO is supported.

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