!!! My Favorites

I liked the idea of having an personal extension of the [LeftMenu].
It would allow you to personalise the wiki, so you can easily jump to the pages of your interest.
( see [IdeaPersonalLeftMenu] )

So here is my quick fix of the default wiki template. 

!! Use 

A user has created a page with his personal favorites called __<username>Favorites__.

When the user is known (e.g. has set it's name via [UserPreferences]) and his
personal favorites page exists, then the personal page is inserted 
at the top of the leftmenu.

!! Implementation

Cut-n-paste this stuff into ~LeftMenu.jsp which you can find in the 
''./templates/default'' folder.

As you can see, I had to revert to some java-jsp-spaghetti 
due to some limitations of the [JSPWikiTags].
Probably there is a more elegant way to do this, plse let me know.

<!-- insert this line at the top of the LeftMenu.jsp -->
<%@ page import="com.ecyrd.jspwiki.*" %> 


<!-- insert this block just after the logo block, before the insert LeftMenu -->
<wiki:UserCheck status="known">
    WikiContext c = (WikiContext) pageContext.getAttribute( "jspwiki.context",
                                                         PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE ); 
    String username = null;
    try { 
          username = c.getEngine().getVariableManager().getValue(c, "username" );
        } catch( Exception  e )  { /* dont care */ }
    if( username == null ) username = "";
    String myFav = username + "Favorites";
  <wiki:PageExists page="<%= myFav %>">
    <wiki:InsertPage page="<%= myFav %>"/>


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it's a good template

--carolword, 26-May-2007