The BrushedTemplate already supported the BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace. It now has been extended with a little toolbar to ease editing for markup-haters. It includes also undo and redo buttons for the last 20 commands and neately coexists with BrushedTemplateEditSections.

Be aware, this is not wysiwyg. Editing still requires usage of the simple and efficient JSPWiki markup. But I added some buttons to help you remember most common syntax.

--DF, Jun-Jul 06


  • link button : inserts a [link] based on the selected text
  • header buttons : inserts headers, if needed will start a new line
  • list buttons : inserts list items, multiple clicks will increase list level (*, **, etc.)
  • text formatting buttons, such as bold, italic, monospace, sub- and super-script, strikethrough
  • align buttons ; to align blocks of text
  • advanced buttons : table-of-contents, insert images, insert tables, insert current time
  • copy,cut, paste buttons
  • undo and redo buttons for the last 20 commands, including all button clicks and find/replace commands
  • color popus for painting text and background ins different colors
  • find&replace is now also possible on a selection of your text; but with some up-side-down behaviour :
    • first enter all find and replace parameters (find:, replace:, and the different checkboxes)
    • then, make your text selections
    • finally press Replace, and voila, only replaced the matches inside the selected text


Implementation was based on the excellent JS QuickTags by Alex King, licensed under the LGPL license. I had to adjust a bit to handle JSPWiki's markup.

The javascript has some browser-dependent code to support IE and non-IE. I tested it on Safari, Firefox and IE. Be prepared for IE deficiencies, though.

Icons, 16x16, were borrowed from, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. (credits are included in the /images directory)
You can run without icons, or with your own set, just by tweaking the jspwiki.css. More free icons:

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