The [BrushedTemplate] already supported the [BrushedTemplateFindAndReplace].
It now has been extended with a little toolbar to ease editing for ''markup-haters''.
It includes also ''undo'' and ''redo'' buttons for the last 20 commands and neately coexists with [BrushedTemplateEditSections].

Be aware, this is not wysiwyg. Editing still requires usage of the simple and efficient JSPWiki markup.
But I added some buttons to help you remember most common syntax.

[{Image src='toolbar.jpg' }]

--[DF|DirkFrederickx], Jun-Jul 06

!! Usage

* link button : inserts a [[link] based on the selected text
* header buttons : inserts headers, if needed will start a new line
* list buttons : inserts list items, multiple clicks will increase list level (*, **, etc.)
* text formatting buttons, such as bold, italic, monospace, sub- and super-script, strikethrough
* align buttons ; to align blocks of text
* advanced buttons : table-of-contents, insert images, insert tables, insert current time
* copy,cut, paste buttons
* undo and redo buttons for the last 20 commands, including all button clicks and find/replace commands
* color popus for painting text and background ins different colors
* find&replace is now also possible on a selection of your text; but with some up-side-down behaviour :
** first enter all find and replace parameters (find:, replace:, and the different checkboxes)
** then, make your text selections
** finally press Replace, and voila, only replaced the matches inside the selected text 

!! Implementation

Implementation was based on the excellent [JS QuickTags|] by Alex King, licensed under the LGPL license.
I had to adjust a bit to handle JSPWiki's markup.

The javascript has some browser-dependent code to support IE and non-IE.
I tested it on Safari, Firefox and IE. Be prepared for IE deficiencies, though. 

Icons, 16x16, were borrowed from [], licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. (credits are included in the /images directory)\\
You can run without icons, or with your own set, just by tweaking the jspwiki.css.
More free icons: