TitleAttachment Size Limit Property
Date21-Nov-2004 06:11:20 EET
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Is there any reason the file size limit for attachments can't be set as a property in the jspwiki.properties file? Currently it is hardcoded in the AttachmentServlet class as Integer.MAX_VALUE. I'm in a situation where attaching a Word doc to one of my wiki pages would be very nice, but unfortunately they exceed the current maximum size.

Thanks, Scott (scott@the-mitchells.org)

Err... I think you can? Use jspwiki.attachment.maxsize. This has been available since 2.1.118.

Do you really have a word file that is over 2 GBytes!?!

-- JanneJalkanen

Good to know it is now parameterized. It turns out it is an issue between IIS/jk/Tomcat that is biting us. Sorry for the false alarm.

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